Disclaimer:No Homo

I’ve said, read, replied to, and retweeted some pretty harsh words for Anthony Weiner. I think the man is a serious creep and a born loser and I feel sorry for his wife. His wife is standing there looking like the biggest cartoon junkie fool on the planet; a real pound for pound embarrassment to say the least. But I can’t help but to feel sympathy for people who crave power and influence to the point where they are willing to face national shame and ridicule for something as temporary as elected office. Understand Anthony Weiner has made a conscience decision to ruin his own life, and his family’s life so he could be the next mayor of New York.

When you’ve reached those levels of absurd thinking it’s time for prayer, not played out penis jokes and hash tags on Twitter. Sure it’s funny to make such jokes and we can laugh at his small package and him overcompensating for it by sexting and posing in the mirror as he flexes his boy muscles; but seriously the man needs Jesus like a fish needs water.

Anthony Weiner has a kid mind, and a kid’s body, which is why he started sexting in the first place. He’s a wire neck, bird looking short weasel geek Congressman who needed love and approval from others. I doubt the man got laid all throughout his life prior to obtaining power and a public persona. I mean the dude dated Kirsten Powers who I would assume is a level or two above what he could land if he weren’t a public figure so there’s that of course. Then he married up when he got with Huma Abedin so, you know nerdy guys tend to have this conflict where they are constantly struggling with being satisfied a hot woman gave them the time of day, and the reasons why they landed those hot women. Anthony Weiner has a genuine struggle going on where he’s a geeky dude trying to break out of that mold so he acts out in different ways.

Of course with power comes arrogance and a feeling that you can’t be touched. I always tell people the ones to fear the most when it comes to power are the nerds of the world. Every geek has a revenge plan of some kind, where they allow it fester until they’ve built themselves into a position of power and influence. At which point they exercise that revenge on the rest of us because a few people in high school did them wrong. It doesn’t happen to all nerds but it happens.

Look at Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joy Behar, and other left wing comics who use that deep seeded nerd rage as fuel for their revenge comedy. Their targets usually represent those who hurt them in the past; Anthony Weiner is no different. Each picture of him flexing that preteen body of his is a way of saying: “Look at me now, look at this, I’m Congressman Anthony Weiner.”

I always wonder how these guys in public office land such hot women. It’s like how did he land Huma Abedin? How? Can someone please explain that to me before my head explodes?

Even though I have sympathy for Anthony Weiner I agree with the New York Times, he should quit. Just go and pick up a bible and get connected with Lord because man you need serious help. Being in the public eye obviously acts as a heavy enabler for him to take d*ck pics and send them to random women.

Politics: Still the greatest hustle of them all.



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