The penultimate piece of the VP puzzle is now in place.  At the Olympics today, Ann Romney and Beth Myers watched as Rafalca competed and failed to advance in the horse’s final Olympic event.  The pair will now fly back to Boston, where they will be picked up by limousine and carried to the Romney compound in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  There will be time for one more round of discussions, but the VP choice was all but decided this past weekend.

On Thursday evening, a charter plane will take off from an undisclosed airport in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota or New Jersey (your guess is as good as mine) and spirit Romney’s VP candidate to Wolfeboro.

Shortly before noon Friday, Beth Myers will tweet the selection to the thousands of Romney supporters who have installed the Romney VP app on their iphones and androids–just in time for the noon news break on all the major networks.

At noon on Friday, the Romneys and Beth Myers will step in front of the cameras and Mitt will formally introduce his VP nominee.  Just in time to begin the 4 state bus tour of Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio on Saturday through Tuesday.  Caution:  Don’t read anything into the fact the McDonnell will be with Romney in Virginia, Rubio in Florida, and Portman in Ohio.  Of course, they will.

How do I know this?  Well, I just had my afternoon cup of tea (American Classic Governor Grey from the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina).  But, if I’m right, remember you read it here first.  And Chris Stirewalt is all wet.