So, this is my first diary since the RedState conversion took place.  And to be honest, I am only writing as an experiment to see what is possible in order to allow others to read a diary without actually seeking me out or tracking me down through the comments section.  While I miss writing, I really miss reading other members’ diaries.  But, if you’re reading this then my experiment to overcome the glitches in the web-site have succeeded.

While I appreciate the effort by Bill S. to post an open thread that is available for members to post their thoughts on the front page, I would suggest an alternative.  Until the web-site is functioning as intended, could one of the front page writers post a “Members Diaries Open Thread”, where members could cut-and-paste the link to their diaries with the title provided in the Comments section.

I love RedState and I look forward to once again being able to read the diaries without jumping through hoops.  Hopefully that will be soon.  In the meantime, sorry but I have forgotten all of the witty and insightful things that I had to say during the RNC.