Well, I know he’s not a Muslim even though his middle name is Hussein, but there are those in the Arab world who seem to hold some hope for a the winds of change to blow a little dust their way. I think they’d have said much this same thing had McCain won the White House. Then again, thinking McCain to be much like Bush they’d have been somewhat more jihadistic [there’s a new word for you] in their choice of terms.

This from the Middle East Media Research Institute:

**Islamist Forums Post an Audio Message by the Emir of Al-Qaeda’s “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI) Abu ‘Omar Al-Baghdadi to “the New Rulers of the White House and Their Allies in Other Christian Countries”: “…The Warriors of Jihad Hope that, in the Distant Future, They Will Dwell Under the Roofs of the White House, the Elysee, and the Kremlin…”

*On November 7, 2008, the Islamist forum Al-Hesbah posted a 25-minute audio message by ISI Emir Abu ‘Omar Al-Baghdadi, produced by ISI media company Al-Furqan. Following is the summary of the audio message:

Al-Baghdadi stated that the message was not meant to threaten the Western countries, but only to urge them to “[act] fairly,” and expressed hope that it would be conveyed to the Western rulers “by their intelligence agencies and satellite channels [in the Arab world], which profess neutrality.” Al-Baghdadi called on the “new rulers of the White House and their allies in other Christian countries” to “embrace Islam,” and explained that “[Christians] are the closest religion [to Islam] from among [all world] nations.”

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