Part One: Life

“I am “Pro Choice” – and I Choose LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”!

The left, in general, says as a big part of their platform, that they are “Pro Choice”. I’ve been wondering, does anyone know someone in America that is not “Pro Choice”? Everyone in America is for freedom to choose how you live your life, but are ANY of us truly free to make ANY choice we want? Of course not. We ALL have laws, rules, and a general moral code that we have to obey or we will be prosecuted, incarcerated, or in some way restricted in a particular freedom.

What the left wants you to think when they say “Pro Choice”, is that they have a right to terminate a pregnancy for virtually any reason. They want you to believe that because the fetus is unaware of what life means to them, then they are not alive. They may give other reasons to justify their “Choice”, but are their reasons logical. I submit, they are not. This is not to say that they are not logical people, but their logic is a result of a shift in how society has been conditioned to view “life”.

A recent argument for “Pro-life” that I heard was, if a single living cell was found on Mars or any other planet….the scientists would loudly proclaim “Life Found On Mars”! This would be the headline around the globe on every paper or other news source! Why should a single “living” cell inside a womb be treated with ANY less respect for its “life”?

As a paramedic for the last 28 years and an EMT for 3 years before that, I have dedicated my life to trying to save the lives of others when they are injured or have a medical problem. Due to the conditioning of society, in my opinion, I had also come to accept a women’s right to choose, at least in cases of rape or incest. I came to the realization several years ago that this was contrary to my life’s work. I realized that if a pregnant woman called 911 and I responded, that I would do everything I could to help her, AND “the life” of her unborn child! Even if that child wasn’t fully developed, I would attempt to protect its “life”! If my wife’s first two pregnancies did not end in miscarriages in the second trimester, but in the third, I would have wanted the doctors and nurses to do everything they could to save the “lives” of our children! Prior to that, I still expected the doctors to help us do the right things to protect their “lives”!

Life is a special gift that we have ALL been given! Who are ANY of us to “choose” to terminate that life? If that life is only one second old, terminating it would be called murder! If a child in a late term pregnancy that is being aborted results in signs of movement or some other signs of life, the doctor performing the procedure can determine if that life is worth saving and not attempt to save that child! This has appropriately, in millions of peoples’ opinions, been termed “infanticide” (AKA…murder of an infant)!

As an EMS professional, I DO recognize, as most people do, that rape or incest victims have suffered a tremendous trauma both physically and psychologically! I ask you, the reader….if a child is a result of that trauma, is IT guilty? Should its “life” be taken? Does the victim have a “right” to terminate that “life”? Do two wrongs make a “right”? I know that many will argue that those of us that are pro death penalty are committing a second wrong as well. The simple difference is, the death penalty is for people who are found guilty, without a doubt, of heinous crimes against humanity. A fetus is as innocent as they come!

The victim will need counseling no matter what. Why can we not counsel them to understand that the child is ALSO a victim and should be treated with compassion as well? The adult victim can still have “a choice” to keep the child, or give it up for adoption to a family that will hopefully raise it to be a “Pro-Choice” respecter of life! I also hear the argument that who am I, as a man, to tell a woman what to do with HER body? In my view, I am asking that woman to consider the fact that she has a life besides her own to consider! For some, disregarding that life is not a life at all, has made it easy for them to think only of themselves. I am certainly someone who is sensitive to the somewhat difficult nature of this subject especially in the above noted cases as well as the concern for the life of the mother, but perhaps if we changed our societal view, over time, to reflect a better respect for innocent life there would be a much lower rate of murder of all types! Let’s advance as a society and continue to work towards a more selfless society.

As I said, I am “Pro-Choice”, and I choose “life”!