There have always been Rinos but it seems like there have been more and more lately – and Republicans that started out by being “Tea Party” candidates and have totally sold out their Conservative base, not to mention the American people.

When they start saying Obamacare will never go away – and they tell us that they’re going to force their immigration amnesty plans on us no matter what the rule of law is or no matter how many Americans are already unemployed, you have to start asking yourself why.

These RINOS also no longer care about the debt or the deficit and enjoy their earmarks as you can see here

Rush Limbaugh and others have tried to figure out why we are being so thoroughly sold up the river by these RINOS – especially at a time when these politicians should be going for the gold – explaining how the country is failing, blocking everything the Democrats come up with, defunding ridiculous things like Obamacare – and just keeping the other party in check to save the country which is why we voted them all into office in a historic wave in 2010 to begin with.

Some explanations I’ve seen for Rino-Fever have included…

1. They’re doing what their donors want them to do (in the case of immigration, they’re beholden to the US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups).

2. They were never Conservatives in the first place.

3. They don’t understand that things like Obamacare and immigration legislation (without already enforcing the laws on the books) is NOT a popular position – even with many Democrats and independent voters, let alone Conservatives.

4. Rinos actually believe in big government and big government spending. They just want to be the ones to run it. But they don’t oppose it. (see a statement by Ted Cruz here).

5. They are career politicians so they won’t take stands on anything “controversial” or might make them look bad in a Democrat candidate’s advertisement.

6. “Obama will do it anyway.” If they don’t vote the right way with the Democrats, Obama will just impose another Executive Action anyway and the outcome might be even worse.

Those are all reasonable explanations of the Rino-Fever sweeping across the nation. However, I am convinced that there are currently two even more important and overriding factors that control what they are doing:

 1. The NSA

2. The IRS

If you had a political job which gave you incredible wealth and power – and would set you up for life – and you knew you were constantly being monitored by the government (which happens to be your political enemy) would you go out on a limb and actually be true to your promises and do what your voting base wanted? Of course not. You didn’t really want to be Conservative in the first place and now there’s a HUGE penalty for it by a lawless Federal Government. At any time, they can expose your phone calls to your girlfriend, how many times you go to the bar after work, the connection to a shady political donor, your medical records, your list of donors, information from your IRS forms… Why would you NOT doing everything you needed to do to keep the Democrat party happy?? Your main goals are not serving the public. You are serving yourself – keeping your job, your money, your power, your family intact, your secrets hidden.

So when you look at the handful of Conservatives who are not sell outs – Cruz, Lee, Amash and others, what you have is politicians who do NOT have skeletons that they are worried about being exposed. And that, my friends, is why there are so few willing to stand up for the American people – their futures are more important than ours. Being a politician, by its very nature, means that you’ve made deals along the way and have done things to move up the food chain. The only thing that will ever stop this is TERM LIMITS.

The Rinos know that there is a total lawlessness going on in the country right now with the President and the Attorney General leading the pack. We no longer have equal protection under the law. Laws can be changed or waived for political donors – and enemies.

You can’t exactly blame the Rinos for thinking this way…the Federal Government has been doing pretty much what it wants with no accountability at all and with a lack of any push-back from Republicans. They know they are being watched, spied on, monitored…There are examples of this everywhere.

Look at what they’ve seen… Right off the bat in 2008, you have an Attorney General who dismissed charges against the New Black Panther Party in the voter intimidation case and continues to pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce; Obama changes the Affordable Care Act illegally over and over again; the IRS goes after Conservative groups with no repercussions; the government uses eminent domain and the BLM to take away land and property from certain groups of people – but not others who pay be political donors of certain Senators; waivers are given for the Affordable Care act for certain groups of people but not others; a White House kill list without due process; Congressional Obamacare subsidies; implementing the Dream Act without legislation; changing welfare work rules without legislation; war in Libya without Congressional Authorization; collecting bulk data from Americans’ cell phones; appointing people to the NLRB while the Senate was in session; suing Arizona over their immigration enforcement; not enforcing federal marijuana drug laws; asserting executive privilege over Fast & Furious documents…the list goes on and on. We all see it every day and so do the Rinos.

So our House leader who is looking more and more like a clueless muttonhead is on a path to not only NOT win the Senate, but possibly lose the House.  The Democrats certainly have nothing to run on but the Rinos can certainly alienate their base into not showing up because of muttonhead public reaction to Conservatives. That’s why primaries are SO important so that Rinos can be voted out. When it comes down to it, Rinos are no better than Democrats when it comes to upholding the Constitution and Conservative principles.