Tom Spencer*
President Obama will make another speech about jobs next week, demanding an urgent joint session of Congress to do it. The policy speech has been touted as a challenge to Congress to “do its job.” Indeed, since his Bad Luck speech at a town hall in Cannon Falls,Minnesota, our President has warned the other Branch of Government that he will  campaign against it unless it immediately acts favorably on his latest stroke of job-creating genius. You do not need a crystal ball  to predict the outlines of the Glorious Plan.

Candidate Obama cannot afford to lose his far-left base, many of whom are out of work. He must get them to the voting polls. So part of his plan will have to be massive government construction projects as an “investment” in critical infrastructure. Naturally, these  projects will be in Blue States with communities suffering from unemployment rates above 20%. He will wrap the Roosevelt-like plan in a white shoe Infrastructure Bank envelope with glittering, soaring rhetoric.  He will correctly predict that these desperate voters will ignore the fraud, waste and incredible mis-management connected to Fannie Mae, Food Stamps, Medicare- in fact, to virtually anything government does. Tied to this will be a demand, in the name of justice, for continued, virtually unlimited Unemployment payments. It will be Stimulus on Steroids.

Candidate Obama cannot afford to lose what is left of his Independent base, many of whom are beginning to feel the buffeting winds of ObamaCare, as employers terminate health plans, the government grants waivers and costs soar with gas prices. In response, you can bet that Obama will relitigate his case against the owners of private jets and the Bentley Club.  So part of his plan will be to suggest that some business regulations must be temporarily suspended in the name of economic growth. His mantra will be not “no” new regulation,just “not now”. Of course, we all know by our experience with him, that the real mischief is done offline by his wild-eyed Administration who have never met a business or citizen activity that they do not want to regulate or control.  While he opines, they design.   He is the sleight-of-hand President.

Candidate Obama cannot afford to further inflame the TeaParty Patriots or the main-stream unaffiliated Republicans. So he will likely suggest targeted tax cuts for the Middle Class tied to a Balanced Approach for new Revenues, new Investments and more Shared Sacrifice. The proposal will be connected to a feigned plea to urgently reduce the frightening National Debt and fix the Katzenjammer Tax Code. His voters do not pay income taxes. He does not need Tax Code relief for his folks. But he needs to sob the perennial dirge  of  tax injustice to make sound-bites for the Media.

The Truth, of course, is that no politician and no government can create real jobs. Government is merely a giant Stop Sign in the road of commerce. The reason President Eisenhower created the Interstates was because every sleazy politician voted for some road paved through some crappy town selling Famous Pecan Pies, fireworks or such. Products and people could not travel as quickly as the Autobahns of Germany which  Eisenhower admired. Once the Interstates rose, unobstructed commerce rose exponentially.

Obama  is the Master of Stop Signs, and has never acknowledged commerce in the capitalistic sense. For him, business and government are partners, satisfying each other’s goals. The role of Obamabusiness is to supply revenue for government. And the role of government is to direct traffic, dictate lofty business goals and supply endless services for endless needs and spiraling demands of citizens. Particularly citizens who are not in business. For President Obama, to be a good business, you must set a business goal consistent with government policy. Then you must shove it down the throats of consumers, make profits and  pay  taxes to the government.   For him, Solyandra was worth $500,000,000 of the public’s funds and a great speech.  It was the perfect background music for his vision. Pound the peg of solar energy into the square hole of market forces until the market gives up. Unfortunately for him, the Market is apolitical.

Now Solyandra is in bankruptcy and the fast track government financing it received has a familiar stench, attracting the dogs of suspicion. That stench will permeate the great hall of the House of Representatives next Thursday  and his next attempt to play with market forces. Obama will  simply never accept the wisdom of the Market— to get out of its way.

I wish fervently that I could be in the front row of the House next Thursday evening. I dream of listening quietly with just my own sign in my lap.

It would simply say:  “ Mr. President, please stop creating jobs.”

“You’re killing us.”


*Tom Spencer is
a lawyer and Republican strategist practicing in Miami.