A Philly native who's been living in southern California since '94. Started blogging in 2004. I'm a conservative, Catholic male of Italian heritage. Basically, I'm the Arbiter of Common Sense.



    Perotistas… Paulbots… Buchanonites… Trumpettes… six of one, half a dozen of the other. Let’s review a little history, shall we? In ’92, Ross Perot (a “populist” billionaire) captured 19% of the general election votes, but garnered a grand total of ZERO delegates and never came close to winning an actual state (never getting more than 30% in any state). And we got Clinton with only 43% of the | Read More »

    Yanked Around By Marionette Strings…

    Fourteen months ago I posted this on my old, rarely updated blog: “… we are on very dangerous ground right now. On a global/government-led scale, it showed itself with the NSA and IRS scandals. On a societal/mob-mentality level, it showed itself with Chick-fil-A, Elaine Huguenin, Brendan Eich, George Zimmerman, Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling, etc. (and all the hypocritical double-standards that are in stark contrast). You play with fire, | Read More »

    My Counter Proposal: A 2-State Solution for California

    So this 6-state breakup solution for California may end up being on the November ballot out here in Granola-land. Not that anything can really come of it, but still… really? [image from Wikipedia] As a resident of Ventura County (just north of L.A. County) I say, “‘Hell No!’ to being a part of the State of L.A. (aka, West California).” I decided to run some numbers. In looking at the 2012 presidential | Read More »

    Federal Spending Cuts Made Easy…

    An across-the-board 10% cut of all federal employees, equally cut by each department, sub-department, divisions, etc., so that there is equal distribution of cuts in low-level staff, middle-mgmt & admins, and upper-level mgmt/admins/execs, even congressional and presidential staffers). The eventual increase in staff will only be benchmarked to no more than the rate of annual increase in population growth. All federal employees (in all levels | Read More »