Now that the Club for Growth has announced that it intends to back a primary challenger to my congressman Adam Kinzinger(IL-16), I have to openly wonder if Karl Rove and his misnamed Conservative Victory Fund, will come to Kinzinger’s rescue.

Adam Kinzinger
Lets start off by explaining why Adam Kinzinger is so disliked in conservative circles, both nationally and within Illinois.  As The Club for Growth’s website says Kinzinger voted for raising the debt limit, funding Obamacare, $15 million to a pet project of Nancy Pelosi, and the fiscal cliff “crap sandwich” deal, among other votes.  Which is plenty to get most people agreeing that Adam Kinzinger is a RINO(Republican in name only) especially when you compare that record to another member of the Illinois congressional delegation from that time, Joe Walsh, who has a 100% Club for Growth rating. Kinzinger

Club for Growth-2012 scorecard

During the 2012 primaries Adam Kinzinger made a lot of enemies among conservative activist in Illinois’ 16th CD.  First off was the fact that he ran against a long time, and solid conservative, congressman Don Manzullo when he didn’t have to, redistricting had placed Kinzinger into Jesse Jackson Jr.’s 2nd CD.  Then there was Kinzinger’s entirely pointless and repeated attacks on Illinois Conservatives President Zach Oltmanns over his group endorsing Manzullo in the primary.  By the time the Illinois primary came around the entire Tea Party movement within the 16th congressional district was united around Don Manzullo.  Since winning the primary, and before, Kinzinger has shown up at events uninvited, or will hold another event just down the road from one he declined to go to, when he does make appearances they will be as brief as possible.  Then there is the whole ethics investigation he and Aaron Schock are tangled up in, as well as Eric Cantor’s PAC getting involved in the Manzullo primary have all gotten conservatives in Illinois disliking Adam Kinzinger.

Chicago Tribune-Ethics panel investigating Rep. Schock, Rep Kinzinger

What’s more Adam Kinzinger is nothing but a yes man for House majority leader Eric Cantor and Speaker John Boehner.  He was the establishments guy over Don Manzullo.  He has done the bidding of the GOP establishment since getting to Washington.  It is because of that that it is possible Karl Rove will come in and try to defend Kinzinger from a conservative challenger.

Rove has a history of being a backer of the Republican party’s establishment, no matter how much money he claims to have given to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  When announcing the creation of the Conservative Victory Fund, Rove and his cohorts made Iowa’s Steve King their top target, they don’t want him to run for the Senate in Iowa, I do.  In defending his Conservative Victory Fund Karl Rove falsely claimed that he backed Reagan in the Texas primary in 1980.  Rove isn’t a movement conservative he is an establishment guy, he backed the Bush family in 1980.  When George W. Bush brought Rove into the Texas Governor’s mansion it is widely reported that Rove purged the Texas GOP of Reaganites.  In 2000 and 2004 Rove, leading the Bush Presidential campaign, was barely able to eek out victories for his guy, and did nothing to add anything to the Republican ranks in the House and Senate.  Then came the Democrat sweep on Congress in 2006.  On the night that Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware Senate Primary in 2010 Karl Rove attacked her, and he still does to this day.

Should a conservative, or even Tea Party, challenger step forward to take on Adam Kinzinger all the elements are there for this to turn into a center stage fight for the future of the Republican party.