Jonah is very irritated these days.  It seems that certain GOP Politicians have been behaving in unpredictable ways:

Why can’t the politicians who’ve been bought stay bought?  Yes, thats a bit hyperbolic but only in response to Goldberg’s overwrought hyperbole.

Goldberg really ought to keep his powder dry here. Lord Palmerson in describing the only true foreign policy course of action for nations, might just as easily been talking about the course of domestic politics.  There are no permanent political alliances, only the permanent interests of groups and politicians.  I’m sure that if Goldberg will only wait a bit, Graham will pivot when his interests call for it.  In fact, Graham’s history suggests he will eventually do just that.

Besides, there are a lot of people on Goldberg’s side of the aisle who disagree in good faith with his assertion of illegality should Trump declare the border issue a national emergancy.  I suspect that Goldberg is really irritated over the style and forcefullness of Graham’s rhetoric, the  real bugbear of the Trump era.  McConnell, who Goldberg presumably still supports, moves quietly in the cloakroom, twisting arms as needed, and there is a place for that.  There is also a place for taking the arguements directly to the public and Graham is doing that now.

Jonah, lets take a deep breath and see how this plays out.  In the meantime, I won’t say “never”, ever again, especially when I may need an ally in the future for some yet unseen political issue.