I think not. In fact, I have always believed Obama is just the face of the agenda and others are running the show. I know it’s normal to have ‘advisors’ who shape policy and opinion, but I don’t think Obama himself has any agenda other than to be The President and to appear to be the one who is the Magnificent Brain behind the policy. He is the perfect fall guy – an extreme narcissist/psychopath who has all the charisma these people always seem to have. Soros (for one, not sure who the other(s) may be – I’m sure y’all have your own ideas about this) picked an unknown, unproven man who could be easily controlled and whose background could be erased and then remanufactured to suit their needs at a time when our nation was weary – weary of war and weary of our elected officials not behaving in a manner consistent with our beliefs or our Constitution. However, Obama is nothing but an illusion and will go down in history as the greatest hoax to ever be perpetrated on the world.

That is not to say he doesn’t believe in the radical transformation taking place before our very eyes, he just believes in his own ‘awesomeness’ more. This is why he must have the teleprompter every time he speaks and why he rarely takes questions after press briefings and announcements. This is also why I was not surprised to learn he does not attend most of his security briefings. What if he was asked a question and he gave some off the wall bizarre answer that later was leaked? The puppet masters behind the curtain know that when Obama goes off script they have their work cut out for them explaining that what he said was not what he really meant – as we have seen time and again. I cannot recall any previous president who needed others to explain the “true” meaning of his words. Therefore, the debates are going to prove problematic. I don’t think there is any way to have a debate in which he can use his teleprompter. I did not watch the debate between McCain and Obama because I had no faith in McCain and already couldn’t stand to hear Obama’s voice. In that case, maybe there is a way for him to use his teleprompter and I’ve just forgotten hearing about it. Anyway, I will be surprised if any of the debates actually take place – they cannot afford for Obama to show his true, not so smart self right now. Hence, the attacks on our embassies around the world could prove to be a convenient way to cancel the debates, if they can manage to find a way to keep the agitation going between now and the time for the debates without being exposed as doing so. The way things are going, they may not have to.

The smartest guy in the room? Not only is the answer a resounding no, there is not one shred of evidence to the contrary, other than the voices of those who surround him telling us he is. That’s the reason Clint Eastwood’s empty chair truly is the symbol of Obama the Magnificent.