During the 9/12 march in DC I saw a sign held by an old man wearing an army uniform. It said “I didn’t serve 25 years for Socialism!” For 234 years Americans have fought and died to defend the American way of life. They fought for freedom. They fought for the right to keep what you earn. They fought for the right to make decisions for themselves. They even fought for the right to live with the consequences of their own bad decisions. These are the ideas that made America great. These are the ideals that we fight and die to defend.

On Memorial day we honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America. Most of those heroes died far from home in lonely places. Many left children at home that they never got to see grow up. All gave up precious days on Earth. They gave up the only life God granted to them.

Such sacrifices cannot be forgotten. We must remember their sacrifice, but we must also remember the reason they sacrificed. Their gift to us is freedom. But it isn’t ours to use up and throw away. It belongs to our children, and our children’s children. Our fallen heroes died to preserve the American way of life for all generations that would follow them. They knew that if freedom is lost, it may never be regained. That is why they were willing to give everything they had to defend the ideals that made America. Those of us left behind must defend the way of life that our fallen heroes gave so much to preserve.

The American way of life is about to be lost, not to a foreign invader, but to our own tyrannical Federal Government. We have let our own government ignore the Constitution and because of that, we’re losing our freedom. Government taxation to fund entitlement programs is Socialism. Socialism is not freedom. It’s the opposite of freedom. Governmental control of corporations is not freedom. It is Nazism. These are the evils that our fallen heroes fought against for most of the twentieth century. Yet we’re now electing politicians that ignore our Constitution, and ignore the sacrifice of those that died to protect freedom. We must stop this abomination and return to our founding ideals.

Please remember our fallen heroes. But more importantly, please remember why they were willing to die. They gave us a gift that we must now fight to recover for our children. Please fight to prevent our own government from destroying the American way of life.

Van Irion, Air Force Veteran, Constitutionalist, and Congressional Candidate, TN03