I have listened to the dabates and it is aparent that all McCain wants to do is personal attacks instead of talking about the issues at hand. I want to know about real issues that we face.

I live in Ohio and I also work in the same building as the McCain Palin office. I am very upset at the things I have seen that are going on in that office. The people that are working for these presidential hopefuls are a reflection on what McCain stands for. I was very upset to see McCains people drinking on the job. I do not have a problem with drinking in your own home but these people were standing outside the building with their Bud Light and Coors drinking it up. Then had the nerve to get behind the wheel and drive to wherever they were going. Many lives have been taken my people who drink and drive. What would happen if that occurred? The blood would be on McCain and Palins hands. I do not want someone that blindly has these people on their side and then when informed of the issue does nothing.

I would also like to clearify something that was said by Palin in her rally here in Ohio. There is talk about DHL going out of business and if UPS buys them out they will loose thousands of jobs. Right now DHL is on the verge of Bankruptcy and UPS is helping them from needing to file bankruptcy by shipping DHL’s Packages for DHL for FREE. UPS was said to be the bad guy in the these people loosing their jobs, but if it weren’t for UPS helping out they wouldn’t have a job at all or have the opportunity to move to a different department.