Something I read today made me stop dead in my tracks. As a student of History and Political Science and a conservative, I have long worried about the battering our Constitutional liberties have and will continue to take under the reign of one Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal cohort within his administration and party. Yes, the world is on the brink of catastrophe with the economic cyclone that is engulfing it. Add to that, the “Arab Spring” and the incessant sabre rattling coming out of once tamed regimes. That is front and center for all to see. However, this topic is being conspicuously held under the radar, and it can be the most terrifying of them all.

A report today by the AP (seen here: reveals that the Obama administration’s lawyers have taken the position that it is within its Constitutional perimeters to allow the Executive branch to target US civilians should they be deemed to be committing acts of war against the country. We have seen that with the killing of Anwar al-Alwaki a few months ago. However, when you couple that with what has just been reported by Judge Andrew Napolitano (seen here:, it becomes much more distressing to me.

Last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a closed door meeting and attached an amendment to the Pentagon Appropriations Bill that actually would give the Obama Administration the green light to use the United States Military to replace and act as law enforcement within our domestic borders.

The 5th Amendment clearly states that “No person shall be…deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” As Napolitano pointed out, it has not been since the end of the Civil War and the time of Reconstruction that the military has been given domestic law enforcement authority. At that point in the nation’s history, it was a necessary evil concerning the remnants of the Confederate Army and government that were still out there attempting to subvert the rebuilding of the United States.  Since then, 135 years on now and after federal laws have been enacted to ensure this never happened again, no president has ever attempted such a feat. And rightly so.

Our military is the best in the world, bar none. They are efficient, professional and deadly at what they do. To that end, they are not trained to handle civilian law enforcement – nor should they be. It has been a difficult road for them in Iraq and Afghanistan during their deployment to rebuild these nations because of this lack of training. They are to protect us against FOREIGN enemies. That is why state and local police are charged with handling civilian populations. Totally different.

So this is where all this brings me – why, then, would the democrats and the Obama administration WANT this power? To me, it is plain and simple. You may call it a conspiracy theory and you have that freedom. But I believe it is because Mr. Obama wants to have that option to control our nation when he deems it necessary. Why is he wanting to control the Internet and all other forms of communication? With all the Occupy nonsense growing and the opposition to his policies at an all time high, he sees this as an opportunity to potentially institute martial law. Why else would he need the most powerful fighting force and all of its resources at his DOMESTIC disposal?  Why are his lawyers laying down a veiled precedent at being able to target US citizens if they are deemed “hostile” to the interests of the country? Is that not what DOMESTIC federal, state and local agencies are for? We have the National Guard available to assist us in times of emergency. Why the full weight and power of the US armed forces?

He is known for his disregard of the Constitution. He is not a mindless idiot with no clue as to what is going on and how the Constitution works. He is setting things up for a darker purpose. He always has and this is no exception. I hope I am proved wrong, but so far I have been right on 99.9% of what I have seen from him – unfortunately.