The last few days were stomach churning for me as multiple diaries began echoing the doom and gloom meme and ‘all is lost, run for the hills’. One even front paged our guaranteed defeat.

Without going through all the “it aint over ’til it’s over” pap, let me just say: Keep your chin up and read this: The Left’s Big Blunder all the way through to the end. It is long and detailed but very educational. Read it twice to really grasp what Zombietime is saying. No, it doesn’t mean McCain will win or that we will keep or increase our seats in Congress.

However, what it does mean is that we need to take polling results with extra salt and then buckle up and get back to work. This election is not over by a long shot. If we want to moan and weep, let’s hold that for the day after the election. Okay?

For the record, I’m with GameCock. I think McCain will win and further think the Congress will be about the same as it is today. I reserve the right to believe this and not quit until shown otherwise.

For those who can’t take the time to read it all, here’s a summary and key quotes:

  1. The Media tells us that “facts and events in and of themselves are no longer important; what’s important is how everyone reacts to them” and “the media’s representation of most people’s purported thoughts is supposed to influence everyone else’s thoughts.”

  2. The media is assumed by all (and relied upon by the left) to be advocates for Obama/Dem candidates and to spin reality in their favor; hence their rush to comment/twist/spin everything that happens, even in the face of substantial, objective evidence to the contrary.

  3. The left believes that continued reporting of one-sided data, skewed polls (even post-debate online insta polls, overwhelmed by multiple voting-stuffing lefties), will shape public perception and demoralize potential opposition voters and keep them home on election day.

  4. The left believes, based on psychological studies done in the past, that people’s desire to conform will lead them to go with the crowd in order to avoid conflict/embarrassment, even if doing so conflicts with their inner moral compass.

  5. The author contends that the Polling process itself, even when objectively administered and controlled, may well be skewed leftward by 5% or more due to unconscious psychological forces that neither the Poll questioner nor responder can control.

  6. The author contends that enough poll respondents conform to the questioner’s expectations and desires to skew final results. They conform for a variety of reasons, but avoiding criticism and conflict is a key element. However, when allowed to vote in the voting booth, with no witness to the contrary, they become non-conformist and vote their conscience.

  7. The more non-conformists surrounding an individual, the more likely he/she was to vote their conscience rather than go with the crowd. If even one person in a group goes against the group-think, others are overwhelmingly more likely to also dissent and go their own way.

There’s much, much, more and I’ve not done it justice by any means. Go read it and then get active.

However, the last point (#7) above is perhaps the most important of all. It means that everyone who reads this and believes Obama and the left are a bad choice for the country: you need to speak up and let your fellow citizens know they are not alone.

The following needs to happen in the swing states and key precincts of other states.

  • Write up your opinions in a personal missive and distribute them door to door

  • Start/Keep writing letters to the editors of local papers.

  • Express your opinions in public gatherings in simple, non-confrontational ways

  • Get a bunch of yard signs and put them out. Even if they get stolen/vandalized whatever, keep putting out new ones and keep the faith for the benefit of your undecided or fearful neighbors.

  • Do whatever you can to let normal people know they are not alone out there.

  • Keep giving $, but the other steps above are even more important in my book.

Best wishes,