By golly, Disney has it right regarding Robin Hood v. Prince John!

Barak Obama’s exchange with the plumber exposes him as the Prince John wannabe of this election. Taking from those of us who work & create the jobs which make this country work & giving it to his minions in big government & those who support centralized control & corruption (ACORN).Please, Senator McCain & Governor Palin, hammer Obama mercilessly with this. Obama will hammer us mercilessly with his tax ripoff schemes. I don’t want to sound desperate, however I was alive during the horror of the Carter years & was a young, struggling adult during the first Clinton recession in 1994. I survived & the country survived – however the pain was unnecessary; the stunting of our progress was not required.

Obama is a created facade. We can only speculate what is behind the facade. Let’s not find out after Obama’s a marionette president.