Drudge has a link to newsbusters that’s got a clip up from Meet the Press. Contained in that video clip is perhaps the worst performance on live television by a frontbench liberal commentator I have seen. I can’t figure out how to post the clip perfectly, it looks a little skewed on my screen but here it is. (The awesome starts at 1:40)

Rachel Maddow begins by trying to pin Medicare cuts on Paul Ryan. Lowry then throws Obamacare induced Medicare cuts right back in her face and demands to know if she supports those cuts. Maddow tries to dodge by claiming she isn’t running for president (lol). Lowry does not let up and Rachel Maddow starts howling at him including a brief period of literally waving her hands directly in his face. She is trying desperately to get a point out instead of answering his question. Here is what was supposed to be her amazing counter point to the simple facts that Lowry pointed out:

Maddow: “Wait Wait!!! Wait! What I wanna know…what…can I say something? can I say something?…What I want to know is the logic…what I want to know is the logic of attacking someone for something you yourself are proposing to do?”

Let that sink in for a moment to realize what just happened. Obamacare cuts hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare… ‘Obama for America’ goes crazy screaming about how Republicans want to kill Medicare. You’re right Rachel, THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! Thanks for pointing that out! I am so glad to hear that your’e going to be supporting Mitt Romney on this. I knew you’d come around.

Her juvenile behavior was amazing to watch. Like a little kid screaming wait! wait! wait! including the jumping up and down with arms flailing, then once she finally gets her point out, its utterly self defeating.

We’re going to win this.