who wants to eat seniors’ grandkids while I dance on their graves. Or at the very least, I support someone like that according to the President.

I tried making that into a bumper sticker but my bumper wasn’t long enough. Only in America is “states’ rights” considered racist while THEY’RE GOING TO RE-ENSLAVE YOU completely rational discourse. Calling the President a radical means you hate black people, but saying “I love dead Republicans” means you’re an intellectual.

Nevermind the fact that Obama is personally responsible for the murders of two men protecting our country from drug cartels and countless other innocent Mexicans. Nevermind the fact that Obama’s policies are constricting job growth thereby preventing Americans from getting onto life saving healthcare plans through their employers. Nevermind the fact that Obama has already implemented the medicare cuts that they are accusing Republicans of wanting to do. Nevermind all that, it doesn’t matter.

Mitt Romney wants you to die.

P.S. Thankfully the President has yet to discover Romney’s cat stomping fetish, but somebody told me about it, its out there so it must be true. I hope Romney is ready for those ads of him slaughtering baby kittens by the thousands.

Tax cheating wife murdering nazi slave drivers of the world, unite!

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