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    Marco Rubio for US Senate

    We have a surplus of good Republican candidates running for President in 2016, one of the best potential Republican candidate fields in many elections. As such, it does beg a question of  whether candidates who run  with a low probability of victory should instead bow out and pursue lesser office. Both Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 92% and [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ | Read More »

    Ted Cruz For Republican Party Spokesman

    In just this week alone, there have been two instances where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% jumped into the liberal’s lion’s den and emerged unscathed. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%‘s Morning Joe appearance had a liberal columnist at the Austin American-Statesman aghast at what happened to Mika and Joe. He reminds us of what a white-hot center of Cruz-phobia | Read More »

    Always Better to be Stupid than Evil

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% made a very perceptive point about how the media treats Republicans: Sen. Ted Cruz said the media and Democrats have a tendency to describe conservatives in two ways: stupid or evil.  “A conservative is either stupid, too dumb to know the right answer, and even worse, if they actually know the right answer, then they’re evil. They | Read More »

    Defunding Amnesty Failed Because of McConnell

    People are hopping made at Speaker Boehner for throwing in the towel and passing the ‘clean DHS’ bill. But let’s be honest, this was the outcome everyone knew and expected once the Senate passed their ‘clean bill. Conservatives upset at our feedble Republican leadership in Congress are missing our number one leadership problem if they keep whining about Boehner. The worse problem is the GOP | Read More »

    Bush White Houses: Kicking the conservatives since 1988

    A gentle reminder of the knee-capping of conservatives by the Bush administration in 1988-1992 comes from an account of how and why supposedly conservative administrations nominated liberals to the Supreme Court. This quote just jumped out at me: The Bush Administration was already in hot water with Reaganite Republicans because Bush had fired 90% of the Reagan political appointees in the executive branch to replace | Read More »

    Internet Freedom Comes from Markets Not Government

    Progressives are good at use and abuse of language, in particular defining their agenda items in terms of the broad goals rather than actual impact of their proposals. Hence, we see and hear earnest advocates for “net neutrality” argue about how great the internet is and would be if only the wonderful ‘net neutrality’ that it is built on it is guaranteed – by a | Read More »

    How to Rescue Stopping Obama’s Amnesty from McConnell’s Cave-in

    The latest news is that Senate leader McConnell, having failed to break united Democrat opposition to the House DHS funding bill that also defunded Obama’s executive amnesty, has thrown in the towel. In remarks on the Senate floor Monday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated he has no choice: “Now, my preference is still to debate and pass the funding legislation that’s currently before | Read More »

    Against drug legalization bumper sticker baloney

    This diary is not against drug legalization per se. We have witnessed in recent years a  shift in polling on some issues, the lack of honest debate about what is really going on. Drug legalization seems particularly prone to a cult-like incantations of supposedly brilliant points that are actually garbage. So when I see what are to me obvious illogical bumper sticker statements here on | Read More »

    Texas GOP primary – a good night for conservatives

    A good night for conservatives in the GOP primary. Cornyn fended off challengers, but at only 60% up against 7 dwarves, the establishment should be put on notice. Conservative Dan Patrick leads for Lt Gov. This defies polls but tells us Dan Patrick is in a good position to win. I supported Jerry Patterson, and that support will imho go mostly to Dan Patrick. For | Read More »

    Sen Cornyn and the calculus of faux opposition

    First, men –  a reminder: Get your woman something for Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolate, a diamond ring, whatever it takes. Show your love. Even if you are a dishonest scoundrel, do that. Especially if you are a dishonest scoundrel, do that, it might get your mistakes forgiven. Maybe that is  why scoundrels sometimes learn to be good at the ‘do something bad, then make a | Read More »

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