It is official. Coronavirus is cancelled. Americans are mostly silent in their outrage because they don’t want to deal with the mental gymnastics of the Left trying to rationalize the blatant hypocrisy.

Independence day is just around the corner. Our annual celebration of the founding of this nation. A yearly ceremony where we unite under a common identity as Americans.

Will these Democrat governors allow Americans to celebrate the birth of their nation? Will they use coronavirus as an excuse to cancel these annual festivities even though we just saw them suppport large gatherings? Will their excuse be even worse, will they cancel independence day because they claim America is racist?

The rhetoric from the leftist elites these past two weeks has been clear. They believe America is the problem. They claim that this nation is fundamentally flawed, and we are burdened with an origional sin that can never be forgiven.

Will Democrats finally let the mask slip, and cancel independence day? Their political consultants who rely entirely on Twitter hashtags as a gauge of national sentiment are probably telling them that pulling a Colin Kapernick on independence day would be politically popular. Independence day will be the bellwether on if the Democrat party has decided to go full anti-American for the November election.