I don’t care if he has apologized the Nancy Reagan… President-Elect Obama has already shown his contempt and arrogance for other people. (Like this is the first time or something)

If some of you don’t know what I am talking about:

Yeah…thats right… go ahead…make fun of a living 1st Lady whose husband is dead. A man who was and will always be 20 times the president you will ever be.

President-Elect Obabma…did you ask Hillary to help you communicate with FDR since she claimed that she used the to talk to Eleanor.

Nancy may have believed in certain things when it came to Astrology…but there was never – as far as I know – any sort of rumors of a seances happening.

It one thing to be funny when it is has a monicum of truth, but to try and be funny when it is out and out untrue and insulting is something completely different.

I have a thick skin, but this was just pathetic. Why would you need a seance anyway? You are the “messiah”..you should already know everything that the dead says…especially since a lot of them voted for you.

(Ok.. I’ll calm down)

President-Elect Obama – grow up. Don’t take petty shots like this.

But let me guess… I am only attacking you because you are a black guy, right?