*The following comments are my own. I do not speak for the San Antonio Tea Party*

Sean was pulled from doing his Tea Party show tonight…..why?

Glenn Beck came to San Antonio last year, and he was part of FOXnews. Glenn – from what I know – paid for his own way down to San Antonio. We charged for the sit down luncheon that lead us to be one of the few Tea Party organizations that ended up in the black. (Along with T-shirt sales, etc)

FoxNEWS also sent a production crew down to be with Glenn for his show so therefore, they (or someone) paid for it. I know this because not only was I there and intricately involved, but millions of people across the country saw the show.  

We- The San Antonio Tea Party – benefited from Glenn’s appearance. We ended up in the black. Did we charged admission? No. But we did – in a round about way – “profit” from Glenn’s appearance.  Where it was finacially or otherwise, we “profited” from the event.

Also, FOXNews covered the Tea PArties in Mass last year, so what the hell gives?

So why the hell did Fox pull Sean from the event, especially since he was not hiding that he was going to be in Cincy on April 15th, broadcasting live? Was it the whole “charging admission” thing? They had a few days to do this, but at the last minute? Put Sean on a plane to get back to New York?

Was there a security risk that they couldn’t handle? Is it because Seans book is not for profit?

Erick! Help a fellow Eric out..you have been on the Great American Panel a few times..what is this all about.. this makes no sense! Sean never hid the fact the fact that he was going to be in Cicny for April 15th. 

There is something more to this than what we are being told. And no I am not trying to go “AJ” on people and think there is some sort of conspiracy.. but you do have to admit.. this is strange..