Tonight is the much ballyhooed and expected first debate between Governor Romney and President Obama.

Tonight – Mitt Romney needs to do the work that no other American CAN do. None of us in this country has the physical ability to directly confront the man that has led this country to her decline. We can march in the street. We can send emails to the White House and our other elected officials, but NONE of us have the physical ability to directly confront the President of the United States.

The debate will mainly be about the economy – and this is why I believe the DNC is downplaying what Obama’s performance will be. Obama has a record on the economy that cannot be run upon, and it is a gold mine waiting to be harvested by Romney. But will he do it?

I said 4 years ago that Romney (if he was the nominee) would mop the floor with Obama on the economy. That was when Obama was a Senator, and not the sitting President.

I still think that Romney can mop the floor with Obama, but will his respect for the Office of the Presidency prevent him from doing that? I hope not. Obama – along with all the Democrats and weak spine Republican members of Congress – are directly responsible for what all of us are going through.

This debate should be like shooting fish in a barrel for Romney. The economy is a wreck. Romney is a businessman, and it seems like it would be a walk for Romney, but will he capitalize on what is just lying there waiting for him to take advantage of?

We as Americans are an emotional bunch right now. From The Tea Party to OWS. Facts and figures are not going to cut it. Romney has to play to the emotions of people.Obama got that in 2008 not only because of his soaring and empty rhetoric, but because there was a goldmine there for Obama to harvest.

Obama is an articulate man on a teleprompter, but off of teleprompter, he is an empty man that is filled with hate for this country.

Romney has the dubious job of debating the first half-black president. Anything that he says is going to be ridiculed as being racist no matter what by the MSM.

Will Romney have an “are you better off moment?” In my opinion, yes – and it will be from the first question to the last. Romney has so many cards in the deck when it comes to the economy, that he should be able to destroy Obama tonight. The overall question is will he, or has his handlers/preppers told him not to completely unload tonight?

Romney can do the facts and figures part by peppering in some emotionalism. I know that this is counter to everything that we stand for, but people are hurting, Romney is going to have to connect. I don’t care how low the expectations are for Obama, Romney has a goldmine here.

Romney could basically do an “Eastwood” as Obama is basically not going to show up tonight, and Romney will be talking to an empty podium. With that said, then Romney needs to talk to the American people via that empty podium.

So my advice: Since you are going to be labeled a racist even if you compliment Obama, go ahead and just lay it all out there, and let the American people decide.  If Romney projects honesty about the situation, the America people will see beyond skin color.

This is not about the low expectations for Obama – this is about Romney being able to connect with the remaining 6% that is undecided. I personally do not believe the polls, but I would rather go into a situation, and think I still have to fight, than think that I have it in the bag – like what Obama is doing.

Tonight is the night for Romney to light the fuse on the powder keg that I feel that he has been keeping dry for a while. We saw a little bit of it at the convention, and little bit more over the past few weeks. Not as much as I would like, but there has been some. I think tonight is the night….it better be for the sake of the country.