**** UPDATE – September 5, 2012  Obama Speech moved from stadium. ****

Yesterday was Empty Chair Day.  Empty Chair Day was created from Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech – the empty chair is an idiom for Obama’s failures as President.   Democrats are now planning their own Empty Chair Day.  They planned to hold Obama’s acceptance speech in an NFL stadium. But Democrats are in a quandary.  They have a problem.  Democrats know they can’t fill the stadium. Tickets were originally on sale.  Then tickets were given away.  Still, not enough people wanted to see Obama’s speech.  It is increasingly evident Democrats know there is no way they can fill that stadium.  They hoped people coming to Charlotte would increase interests – it didn’t.

Unless campaign managers hit the bars and use the old maritime conscription practice of rounding up drunken “sailors”, Democrats will look foolish (like losers) with a half filled stadium.  Democrats tried busing in black church members from the surrounding area – but there aren’t enough to fill the stadium.  The stadium speech will be moved – but how to spin this action – so it doesn’t appear desperate is the challenge.   Obama himself made this move even more dicey when he stated he would fill the stadium late last week.

The messaging signaling they are moving the event started this morning – Weather… MAY move the event.  Dangerous weather may, unfortunately, Force the move.  Dems are predicting the move 4 days ahead of the planned event.  Ticket sales / give aways are telling Democrat organizers that the stadium will not be filled.  Only a dramatic change of interest will save the stadium speech.  Don’t count on it.  Obama  is facing similar problems with popularity on the campaign trail.  The MSM tries to conceal it – but turn out is much lower than 2008.  Nor is Obama receiving donations like he once did.  Obama resorted to begging for wedding and birthday gift money.  Asking for personal gift money reveals a desperate and ego-manical personality – but that another story.  The Romney campaign has out raised Obama the past 3 months.  This factoid reinforces the low turn out numbers.  Both are bad signs for the Obama campaign.

Expect early morning the day of the event, or the evening before, depending upon how long organizers calculate (so not to negatively influence turn out at the alternate site) for Democrats to announce “predictions” of Dangerous Weather has, Unfortunately, forced them to move Obama’s speech.

Another question is WHY Democrats would want to hold an outdoor event.  Obama’s EGO is the reason.  He continues to think a large majority of the public support him and enjoys looking large.  Remember the Greek columns?  The MSM has done their job too well.  They refused to report the facts regarding voter sympathies because Obama and Jarrette go crazy when they hear bad news.  And… Obama has a history of punishing the messenger reporting bad news.  The MSM learns quickly, and they are predisposed to ignore negative information about Obama and his re-election chances.  It’s their job to sway opinion and make voters like Obama.  Polls show voters like Obama but in every other category – they reject him and his policies.  It is understandable Obama doesn’t know voter sympathies because the MSM conceals those facts.  If he reads the papers and blogs the MSM reports all is well.

It will be interesting to watch Democrat try to spin this move without looking like losers.  It really can’t be done.  What happens if Dems move the event under sunny skies?   This will not help the Obama campaign and Romney will use it to sway independents – who calculate their votes to go to the winner.  Independents have no core but enjoy stating they voted for the winner.  When the speech is moved, that will signal Obama is losing and that will further drive independents away from him.

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