Mark the day down.  It’s my birthday – I won’t forget.  Yesterday we saw the underbelly of the Democrat Party.  Rush Limbaugh said before this DNC gathering began it would resemble the Star War’s film bar scene. He was accurate.  But it is dubious Rush knew the level of stupidity Democrats could and would display – on camera – before the nation and reporters who do not share their vision.  The ever fawning Main Stream MEDIA were understandably shocked.  So much so, they promptly drove off the proverbial cliff trying to cover for “their” party – their Democrats.

“This election is over…”  Huh?  That phrase was repeated enough times to sear those comments into stone.  Those comments came after Bill Clinton’s rambling and lengthy  and self-serving speech.  The MEDIA’s premature, nonsensical, over the top, (and pathetically desperate) attempt to salvage the disaster they saw unfold is not unlike the comments heard after a suicide.  There is no appropriate response.  Nothing said can abate the magnitude of the event.  Effusive, undeserved praise buckled with repressed confusion, frustration, and ignorance of why, meets the suddenly inexplicable reality of a messy death.  The MEDIA was emotionally impacted (visibly) not unlike the dead person’s loved ones. Following a suicide, emotions are raw. The lifeless body lies in sight – taunting them to do something; anything, to remediate the ugliness and explain the act.

“This election is over”, was the MEDIA throwing away the last vestiges of a credibility they view as immune and immortal – beyond the opinions of the viewers and readers they hold in contempt.  The MEDIA will give their audience an opinion – when they deign it appropriate; or needed.  The MEDIA, like the Democrat Party, slit their wrists to alter a fait au complete.

The Democrat Party is done… finished… so beyond the pale and detached from the challenges and beliefs of a majority of Americans, they no longer bother to assess general sentiments.  In truth they can’t.  They have so corrupted the tools used to accurately measure public opinion they no longer have a clue.  The MEDIA are so utterly committed to the Cause of re-electing Barak Obama they betrayed themselves and don’t even know it.

Tossing out foolish, unsubstantiated statements that ignore the voters/citizens and reality, is evidence the MEDIA  cannot face the evidence before them. Barak Obama will lose this election in a devastating landslide. Congressional Democrats will suffer a similar fate.  If you read my Tuesday blog you know I predicted the stadium speech would be moved – few want to see it – at least not enough to fill the seats in the stadium.  Clint Eastwood made a speech at the Republican Convention and spoke to an empty chair.  The idiom was clear – Obama is an empty suit; unable and unfit to be President.   The lack of support for Obama was seen early into the campaign.  Donations are down too – way down.  The decision to move the speech two days before its time was made to avoid video and pictures showing empty seats at an Obama speech.  Comparatively, Obama would easily fill the stadium in 2008.  Much has changed.

Moving this event  required numerous lies and deceit.  The MEDIA are blaming the weather – but the latest weather reports show clear skies.  The MEDIA is expected to spin this change of venue and good weather report in a way that protects Obama.  Unfortunately for Democrats, Obama, and the MEDIA, anyone with clue knows the weather report – or can find it.  The perhaps 40 thousand who paid and planned to attend the event are unhappy.  Those given tickets are unhappy.  Those bused from out of state to fill the empty seats – expended time, energy, and a long trip to hear a speech they are now prohibited from seeing are unhappy. None of these outcomes will enhance Democrat enthusiasm.  Moving the speech assures the people who were encouraged to attend – given tickets, provided bus fare, and the die hard few who paid and planned to attend are unhappy and not inclined to devote their time and energy again on behalf of Barak Obama.  These events are very damaging, but they are not the topic of this blog or my reasons for suggesting Democrats and Obama are finished.

One more instance is important to discuss before delving into the mistake Democrats made.  The horrid economy remains with us. It is stuck and nothing can be done to improve it before November’s election.  Polling indicates Obama is cooked.  In a futile attempt to sway opinion, the MEDIA resorted to stacking the sample group they used to poll.  9% and more Democrats are being polled – to Break Even!!!  This and other examples are why I assert the MEDIA cannot discern reality, the voter’s intent, or the mood of the nation.  The MEDIA have embraced Obama so tightly they have no perspective, or valid data to make a reasoned judgment. Or, perhaps the MEDIA doesn’t care.  The MEDIA’s action indicate they dived all in for Obama and there is no good outcome for them.  The MEDIA is submerged in a Catch-22.  No matter what they report or say cannot alter judgment day.  All the MEDIA can do is pray Romney makes several monumental mistakes – unlikely.  Praying will do the MEDIA and Democrats no good.  Both rejected God – there is no point in praying.

The Democrat Party took a decision, based upon the wishes of the leader of their Party to drop God from their Party platform.  This decision was made known and questioned – Democrats had no explanation and became angry when asked about it.  Dick Durban became incensed and verbally attacked the reporter asking about it.  The alternative media sites have made this decision by Democrats ubiquitous, front page news.  Democrats also chose to not recognize Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel – again at Obama’s behest.  The Democrat Party platform MUST reflect the wishes of its leader – Barak Hussein Obama.  It is HE who chose these actions.  Once the Democrats learned that God matters to American and polling indicated Democrats had “jumped the shark” – according to polling reports – Obama Demanded God be placed in the Democrat Platform.

Changing the party platform requires a 2/3 majority vote.  That vote was recorded on video.  That vote was a disaster that was conducted three times.  Each time the delegates were asked if they wanted to put God in their platform, (to be generous) 1/2 of the delegates objected.  Again – half of the Democrat delegation said No!  We want NO GOD!  UTube has it here –

This vote has gone viral.  The number of viewers seeing this vote is not finished – unlike the Democrat Party.  Americans may have questioned Romney’s religion, but there is no doubt he believes in God , loves God, and has dedicated much of his life  to his religion.  Romney helped others under the mantel of the Mormon Church.  Romney and Republicans included God 12 times in their platform.  Regardless of a voter’s inclination, they have no doubt Republicans defer to God and hold God in high esteem.  The opposite is true of Democrats.

The vast majority of Americans may not belong to an organized religion.  They may not pray regularly.  They may hold religion deeply in their souls and don’t mention it,  Or they may not call upon God unless they are in dire straights.  Those dire straights are upon many Americans.  The economy forged by Democrats and Barak Obama are weighing upon them.  Many have lost jobs, homes, and unfortunately their families.  Financial troubles is the number one reason divorce happens.  When people face life under pressures they cannot manage or cope with, they are inclined to pray – and often.

“You didn’t build that” was thought to seriously harm Obama as it revealed a side of Obama most did not know existed.  Much about Obama remains unknown – but Americans are learning.  What they are learning squares with Obama’s and Democrats action while they controlled government.  All the disasters came from one source and that connection is crystalizing.  Barak Obama and the Democrat Party share objectives that they cannot speak.  Their plans for America are frightening.  Americans are frightened and desperate.  American cannot handle anymore change at Obama’s hand.  They want and need a change for the better.  Yesterday’s actions at the Democrat Party made clear the unholy disdain Democrats hold for Americans, the nation – and Israel.  Seeing Bill Clinton reminded Americans what Democrats do while in power.  Polls may show Clinton is popular  – why not?  Americans are forgiving and not prone to derail Potential through their comments.  Americans may wish Clinton well – but like the Senator from Missouri – they don’t want Clinton in their lives or near their daughters.  Pssst!  Polls also show voters “Like” Obama – as a person.  But these same people think a change in course is needed, and think the President has not performed well in office – Voters polled report these factoids by a wide margin – over 60%.  Many whites polled fear being labeled as a racist if they answer they do not Like Obama.  The same circumstance can be said of Clinton – why risk anything on a man who had sex in the oval office?

Democrats exposed themselves yesterday.  Their actions reveal an arrogance most Americans did not expect.  How difficult is it to defer to God – it’s a throwaway – if you don’t believe in God.  Purposely moving, deciding to exclude God shows a nefarious personality that is dangerous and untrustworthy.  That is the impression a majority of Americans now hold for Democrats.  Democrats are finished until they change their leadership and re-align themselves with traditional American values. Otherwise, they will wander out of power for years.  Perhaps, they will learn the power of prayer.