I can proudly state I didn’t watch a minute of the Democrat’s convention.  When any organization chooses to prevaricate, distort, intimidate, encourage the commission of crimes, deceive and lie – I was taught to ignore them – or alert law enforcement.  What to do when those committing the crimes hold the responsibility of enforcement?  Sorry Mom, I can’t say nothing this time.  (This is the moment she would remind me about double negatives, but saying this in a manner that is grammatically correct  diminishes the impact. )

Reports on the convention were ubiquitous and unavoidable.  From what I’ve read on the convention, and heard, I missed nothing; and… perhaps… added a few years to my life by not raising my blood pressure.  I also was able to retain a positive opinion – part fantasy, part fiction, that my fellow Americans are not:

Systemically self absorbed, psychotic sociopaths;

So greedy they support criminal acts perpetrated by government to abate their greed;

So uninformed they are incapable of speaking cogently on political topics or fundamental,  elementary school subject matter;

So consumed with sating their own emotional needs they stopped considering the world (or the people in it) around them; preferring to pervert and assert compassion is their motivating virtue;

So willing to trade their God given liberties (and the liberties of others) in exchange for a stipend and the meager security that guarantees their irresponsibility remains intact.

They demand specific law making to harm those earning the wealth stolen on their behalf. Ostensibly, a lucid mind comprehends NOTHING should be done to interrupt the income stream or negatively impact the source of their income, but even this rudimentary maxim escapes their comprehension and that of their Democrat leaders.

These people enthusiastically denigrate the successes of others and the systems placed to enable that success – success available to them.

They harbor no guilt for law breaking done to enable their sloth, feed their greed, and accomplish their goals – goals shared the Democrat officials who excuse their failures and absence of effort while misappropriating the power of government to expand their destructive decision taking.

The leader of these malignant misanthropes inspires them and eloquently instructs them in the nuances of ignominy.  He leads by example.  He breaks laws to accomplish his ambitions; and assuage his ego; defiantly ignoring the restrictions placed upon him in the Constitution of the United States and any other traditional code of conduct. He appears hostile towards tradition, and unmoved by moral decency – save the corrupt version he uses to distract and decieve.  His unchecked life experiences taught him to behave this way.

Inured by racial laws, he learned no one would dare act to stop him. He grew under the direction of people whose animus towards the country they inhabit is misused to inflame envy and hate – one, a self proclaimed Christian. These instructors share a mordant vision of America. They speak of country steeped in injustice to foment terminal grievances in their audiences.  They callously calculate to ignite their jealousy, implying the accomplishments of their neighbors are illegitimate and a portion is owed to them based upon a convoluted “Fairness” concourse; where the indigent are more noble and deserving. An oppressive and onerous, institutionalized marketplace precludes their participation and no amount of effort can improve their opportunities.

Obama’s disciples are instructed they are blameless for their failures, they cannot succeed. Nothing can be expected from them. Barak Obama encourages them to refuse taking responsibility for their actions – as he does.  Blame is the response for every failure. These behaviors expose a character defect that the Democrat party embraces and expounds.  The depth of their turpitude is astonishing.  The unchecked, unrepentant, deviant behaviors that once were deplored by all, save those who practiced them, are promoted and lauded.  Unbelievably, punishments await anyone who questions or references these behaviors or goals using traditional or religious standards of comparison.

The damage Obama has done to this nation’s economy is only exceeded by the damage he has done to its citizens.  The above references are outcomes Barak Obama wanted.  They define his aspirations.  He has created policy, and spoken often to disseminate deviance and hate. His legacy will be recalled in short, terse, temperamental platitudes  to avoid discussing missed opportunities and the nefarious, jaded, course of calamity he purposely sought – due to his skin color.

Barak Obama was presented an exponential opportunity – only available to few.  Good will and support were handed him.  Why did he choose to run for President of a nation he despises?  Why was its destruction so appealing?  The risks associated with the actions he took are considerable.  Malice and revenge do not age well.  They provide minimal comfort.  In a nation as complex and technical as ours achieving success in his plans was remote.  This calculated course to harm a nation he considers callous and corrupt was failed from the start.  Alternatively, had he taken advantage of tradition and the goodness of Americans he could fulfill his goals by appealing to all the positives available.

A speck of compromise, and an ounce of honesty was a bridge too far – apparently.  He chose to betray the confidence of his opponents and his supporters.  His ego prevented another outcome.  Race, the topic he used to escape responsibility, divide and distort, has suffered a terminal blow.  Others who share his race will be degraded by his actions and their opportunities truncated.  There is a despicable and deviousness to Obama that transcends pedestrian evaluation.  He is a man devoid of admirable characteristics.  The loyalty to his family he relies upon to excuse his other actions is not enough.  His desire to punish America and Americans consumed him and any good he might accomplish.