I am a native Californian, born and raised in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. I am 22 years old and a fresh College Graduate. I'm a Conservative through and through and I'm not ashamed of my beliefs. I'm an amateur activist in my own right; I volunteer for candidates and go to rallies when I can seize the opportunity.


    An Act of Kindness

    Let me ask you something: do you think it’s strange  for a stranger to knock on your door and inform you of anything? No I’m not talking about solicitors nor volunteers, I’m talking about someone who notices something is wrong on your property and tells you. I will admit I do, but let me explain; I had just finished making a delivery and noticed the headlights | Read More »

    Escape from Leftism

    Living in California I can’t help but feel that I exist as anomaly. Being 22 and a staunch conservative on pretty much every issue I feel out of place. Even in the small town area of the Antelope Valley where I reside there seems to be a prevailing theme of big government and social progressivism/leftism. I can take solace though in the fact conservatives across | Read More »

    Good Night For America, Not So For Some

    On Tuesday Republicans made headway by taking 8 seats in the Senate(Alaska hasn’t been called yet but Sullivan has that race all wrapped up) with Louisiana heading to a run off next month for a grand total of 9 pickups which means 54 Republicans will be coming to the Senate in January. Sen. Angus King (I-ME) 6% has said he is open | Read More »

    Mid Term Election Outcome

    Well are three days out from election day and it looks as though the GOP gains RCP predicts for Governors and Senators. Republicans are going to gain 7 seats in the Senate, there will probably be 1 net governor gain depending on Illinois and we’re going to wipe the floor with every democrat that represents a conservative district. All in all this isn’t going to be | Read More »

    50 Years Later, The Message is Still The Same

    Next week will be the 50th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech which launched The Gipper on what would be a very successful political career that culminated with him as President. On that day Reagan outlined masterfully the clear path laid out ahead of us the price of appeasement with our enemies. Now here we are in 2014 with the Progressive Movement in | Read More »

    The Golden State Could be Waking Up

    When I was born in 1991, California was once the fifth largest economy in the world. It now stands at number 9. For decades Democrats have ruled this state dominating the legislature only losing majority status briefly in the mid 90’s. Every office is democrat, both senators are Democrat, and all the major cities, excluding San Diego, have Democrat mayors. Arnold Schwarzenegger  virtually demolished hopes | Read More »

    Is Social Conservatism Dead?

    On October 6 The Supreme Court Of The United States refused to take up the challenge of 5 states who were defending their 10th amendment right to uphold Marriage as it has always been understood. The result? The number of states that are now being compelled to recognize this radically different form of Marriage is up to 30(3 states are still contesting it). In these | Read More »

    Our Energy Policy Needs Direction

    We’ve seen it on the news, read it in articles; that the United States is struggling to define its energy policy can our leaders can’t seem to decide on what kind of sources to use. Nuclear Reactors have been closing down or are at risk of closing down while solar power plants and wind farms are being constructed. All of this is under the banner of trying to | Read More »

    Religious Liberty is Imperative to the salvation of our Nation

    I have a question for you; should a business owner be allowed to run their business into the ground because of their poor practices? Now let me ask you another one; should a business service anyone whom they want based on whatever reason they give? Now I ask because there seems to be a growing trend of business owners being compelled through the coercive power | Read More »

    A Message For The 2014 Election

    Hello everyone. I like many of you have been watching the polls and I have not been liking what I’ve been seeing. This is the third straight election in a row that the GOP is being given to; really if this is a battle of negative ads, then all they have to do is look pretty and get aggressive by making their opponents own the | Read More »