Special thanks to ‘civil_truth’ for his input, and WS Gilbert for his lyrical genius. An apology to those senators and representatives of the GOP who actually do stand up and vote based on what is right.


When the liberals give their spiel,
(Tarantara! tarantara!)
We uncomfortable feel
(slump slump slump)
And when the ‘cons’ raise up a fuss,
(US Constitution’s law)
We toss them all under the bus
(bump bump bump)
With the voters disapprov’l
(hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss)
We need just the One’s approv’l
(kiss kiss kiss)
There is nothing sweeter than
asked, ‘you want 5, 6 or 10?’
That’s all that matters then….

You refuse to stand for principle
We find that incomprehensible
You should quit this party post haste
Or throw you out with all the waste

This time, it should be your finest hour
But all you care about is power
Now you’ve turned all our votes sour
Get out of office, go, goodbye!

Now to us it’s evident,
(The Big O’s not a General Zod)
We cannot have this dissent
(Condescending nod)
You don’t ‘nderstand ‘gubmint’.
(So Bipartisan we”ll be)
Disrupt not our tete-a-tete.
(and there you see)
Despite how oft you whine, we will never grow a spine
(and get the USA org’d ‘socially’)
Now: Rush, Ann, Jim Demint, please cut all of your dissent
(We’ll express displeasure with you publicly)

Now for all of your endeavours,
Our present links with you we’ll sever,
Goodbye, good rid’ance, now and forever,
Go back to the Dem party!

For the Libs are fierce and ruthless,
False, unmerciful, and truthless
Full of zeal (but are quite clueless)
Tho’ the Cabinet’s full of ‘smarties’!

Me thinks that we must protest!
The Libs control most of the press!
Tis’ Dishon’rable: talking smack
Voters : But they stab you in the back!
GOP: Not to carp or criticize
but it’s good to compromise
and it’s very evident
that you suppress all your dissent
Yes, it’s very evident that you suppress all your dissent
Evident, your dissent, might be well meant, it should be suppressed!

RINO: When the liberals give their schpeel, etc.
Voters: You refuse to stand for principle, etc.