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And they’re off…

The mainstream media sure know a good idea when they hear one. And they heard an extraordinary one via a secretly recorded staff address from The New York Times’ executive editor Dean Baquet. He told his team that, although their two-year long focus on President Trump’s collusion with the Russians had been an incredible success, it was time for writers, as a group, to shift their attention.

Baquet explained to the newsroom staff:

We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.

That different story is race — and Trump. We’ve got to change. I mean, the vision for coverage for the next two years is what I talked about earlier: How do we cover a guy who makes these kinds of remarks? How do we cover the world’s reaction to him? How do we do that while continuing to cover his policies? How do we cover America, that’s become so divided by Donald Trump?

The newspaper actually hopes to achieve two goals. First, they are requesting that their writers drill down on the President’s racism. Second, they are attempting to “reframe” U.S. history. You may think America was founded in 1776, but the Times believes that it all really began in 1619 when the first slaves arrived in America.

They devoted an entire issue of the New York Times Magazine toward explaining what they refer to as the “1619 Project.’ Lest you think I’m exaggerating, the paper states:

The goal of the 1619 Project is to reframe American history. It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.

Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make them true.

The editors plan to “teach” this new version of history to their readers and introduce it into the schools.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York read the entire paper and wrote that the basic thrust of the 1619 project is that everything in American history is explained by slavery and race. He explains:

The essays go on to cover the economy (“If you want to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.”), the food we eat (“The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the ‘white gold’ that fueled slavery.”), the nation’s physical health (“Why doesn’t the United States have universal healthcare? The answer begins with policies enacted after the Civil War.”), politics (“America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others.”), daily life (“What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.”), and much more.

Anyway, you get the idea. A recording of Baquet’s remarks was leaked to Slate and now the entire mainstream media have heard the message.

And they like it – a lot.

It’s been obvious that once the Mueller report was released, we began to see a shift away from “Trump colluded with the Russians” narrative and an increase in the “Trump is a racist and a white supremacist and you are too if you voted for him” narrative. Now, the pivot toward race and racism will be impossible to miss.

Trump was quick to jump on this story. He responded by tweet:

Fox News’ token liberal, Juan Williams, has published an editorial in The Hill which shows he has already fallen into line. Juan has found the answer. Democrats need to hit Trump where it hurts – in the wallet. And, just as the New York Times has requested, he wastes no time in bringing it back to race.

Williams praises Joaquin Castro’s (D-TX) move to publish the names of Trump’s donors as well as his defense. Castro tweeted, “Donald Trump has put a target on the back of millions. And you’re too cowardly or agreeable to say anything about it. How about I stop mentioning Trump’s public campaign donors and he stops using their money for ads that fuel hate?”

Williams was especially excited about a new ad Castro has run on Fox News which says, “As we saw in El Paso, Americans were killed because you stoked the fire of racists. Innocent people were shot down because they look different from you; because they look like me.” Williams wrote, “Paying for a television ad to rebuke Trump as a racist has the potential to penetrate the far-right bubble.” It will never happen.

I think Williams is naive and, as they used to say, has been drinking the kool-aid.

He tells his readers with great enthusiasm that, “Many Democratic presidential candidates are already on record calling the president a racist.” He implies that since everyone in this group says it, it is therefore true. Their opinions on most issues differ only by degrees and they all agree on a lot of stupid and unsustainable things such as medicare for all, open borders and free healthcare for illegal immigrants. The entire field of 2020 hopefuls are committing group suicide by moving so sharply to the left.

Next, he applauds Rep. Al Green’s (D-TX) “new, money-based rationale for House Democrats to begin impeaching Trump — to put a spotlight on Trump’s big donors.”

Green told MSNBC that “impeachment would result in Trump becoming persona non grata to a good many of these wealthy people.” He said that these donors see Trump as a “beneficial bigot” and added:

Those donors are giving money in exchange for right-wing judges on the courts and tax cuts for the rich. So he has benefitted them to the extent that they will tolerate his bigotry. When you tolerate bigotry, you perpetuate bigotry.

Let’s remember that Green has introduced articles of impeachment against Trump three times and has failed.

Finally, Williams argues “Polling indicates that this new willingness to confront Trump’s use of racial division has the potential to pay dividends.” It also has the ability to backfire spectacularly. Especially now that the cat is out of the bag. The New York Times grandiose plan has been exposed for all the world to see.

We don’t have to guess what their agenda is. We know it. We even have it in writing.

‘Painting Trump as a racist while transforming the way Americans view history’ is a rather ambitious goal. The New York Times wants to alter our thoughts, shape our opinions and to gain control over us. They’ve issued a call to action accompanied by specific instructions. This is no longer journalism.

On the contrary, it sounds a lot like a strategy for a coup. They must never succeed.