The GOP needs to stop acting like because it lost the battle of 2012, it lost the war. The war continues and Barack Obama’s side just gave the GOP some major new weapons to use against his destructive policies. How many hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted by Republican donors in 2012 to prop up Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney? How much money was wasted?Much of it was sent to groups run by former Bushies and Romney 2008 veterans who made a killing off of rich Republican donors with nothing to show for it. Nothing.Now, many of these donors are yet again squandering their money on stupid intra-party fights like immigration, giving their money to the same people who ripped them off before, or they are sitting on the sidelines.Meanwhile, the unpopularity of Obamacare continues to rise. Imagine if Republicans had spent $400 million attacking Obamacare in Campaign 2012 instead of trying to get the progenitor of the law elected President.Why the heck haven’t the Republican mega donors started up multiple organizations to run nonstop sustained ad campaigns in swing states against Obamacare? Are they just that stupid? This is a no brainer.The ads write themselves. Consider this — the IRS is now involved in a scandal over improper targeting of conservative, constitutional, and Jewish groups. Obamacare expands the IRS to be in charge of your healthcare.Americans are having a harder and harder time finding full time jobs. More Americans have to work multiple part time jobs. Why? Because if companies hire Americans at full time jobs, Obamacare subjects the businesses to fines or extraordinary costs.Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is coercing businesses into giving money to fund a campaign to support Obamacare. (Consider that GOP donors, none of who are giving money to fight it)Americans’ health insurance premiums are skyrocketing because of Obamacare.All of these things are easily explained, fact based, and ripe to keep the American public inflamed against Obamacare. But while the Democrats begin shaking down companies to run pro-Obamacare PR campaigns, the GOP does nothing. Is the GOP and its donors that stupid? Apparently so.The fight against Obamacare should be not just sustained, but magnified as Americans begin to feel the effects of the law. Television and radio ads should be run focused on middle class families and the harsh burdens of the law. The IRS scandal and its expanded powers within Obamacare should be highlighted.This isn’t rocket science. The GOP needs to stop acting like because it lost the battle of 2012 it lost the war. It did not and should fight on.Put more simply and bluntly: the Internal Revenue Service that is now exposed for harassing conservatives will have power over your healthcare very soon and must be stopped. Republican donors need to get some organizations going to educate the public. Heck, if done right, they could use a 501(c)(3) and get a tax break. After all, they are just educating the public about the law.Meanwhile, congressional Republicans should stop acting like losers and fight like hell for full repeal of Obamacare, instead of nibbling at the edges trying to fix it.Strike now or lose permanently.

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