We are all — all of us — attracted to shiny objects. Oftentimes we fixate on the shiny object and never see past the shine to what the object actually is or what it can actually do for us or whether it is even a distraction.

The IRS scandal is the latest shiny object on which the GOP will fixate. But if, instead of fixating, we take advantage of it — elected officials, activists, and donors alike — we can use what the Obama administration did via the IRS to our advantage.

Of course I am talking about Obamacare. Barack Obama wants to expand the number of IRS agents to manage Obamacare. In a scandal all its own, the IRS is facing a class action lawsuit for inappropriately accessing and taking the medical records of more than ten million people.

The IRS is improperly dragging out the review of 501(c) applications, inappropriately probing the political beliefs of organizations, and auditing those who would complain.

Conservatives have new and massive grounds to show the American people that what they’ve said all along was right — the government cannot be trusted to do the job. Heck, just yesterday David Axelrod said on television that the government was just too vast for the President to oversee.

But that’s not all. Stories keep trickling out and the GOP has not yet sewn them into a detailed tapestry to put before the American people.

One of my most indispensable daily resources is RedState co-founder Ben Domenech’s excellent Transom. It is one of the very few newsletters I pay money for. It is that good. In fact, Ben gave me a free subscription and I find it so valuable I cancelled the free subscription and paid for it to make sure he had some investment in what is an extraordinary product.

Every day he highlights more and more stories about the coming destructive path of Obamacare. Consider these few stories over just the past few days from the Transom:

That’s just three day’s worth of news about Obamacare.

Add to it now the IRS scandal, the IRS being sued for taking medical records, the IRS’s expansion into healthcare under Obamacare, then stir in a growing and deep seeded distrust for government. Sprinkle on David Axelrod saying the government is just too vast for Barack Obama and the repeated Jay Carney clips saying the President learns everything about every scandal when the news breaks.

We have the recipe in this for a conservative resurgence. We should not get distracted by the shiny object. We should seize it and harness it for our own ends. They tried to shut down the conservative movement and we should now use those actions to shut down Obamacare.

Republican donors should be starting the ad campaigns now. Republican elected officials should start a very public and vocal repeal process now. Republican Governors should start vocally using these stories to rally the public in their states against the Medicaid expansion. The Republican base should be prepared to fight on this issue and fight those even on our own side who do not get on board immediately.

Koch Brothers, et al, start your engines of ad production.