“We’ve just learned Ken Cuccinelli and the most extreme Republican ticket in Virginia history will be holding a campaign launch event TODAY, May 18, 2013 in Virginia Beach,” reads an email from Laura Harmon, the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Executive Director.I can’t help but wonder if she just took out the file from the 2009 election. Because that year Levar Stoney, then the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia, told the Washington Post, the McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli lineup of Republicans was “the most divisive ticket in modern Virginia history.”By the way, Stoney was Creigh Deeds’ deputy campaign manager before moving to the Democratic Party. That’d be the Creigh Deeds who Bob McDonnell decisively beat 58.6% to 41.3% in 2009.Bolling and Cuccinelli also curb stomped their Democratic opponents.Bolling, that devisive extremist, is now a hailed moderate by the Virginia Democrats.

Terry McAuliffe, the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, said Thursday that he would have a place for Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling in his administration. “He’s been very active on job creation issues that he and I have talked about,” McAuliffe said. “And if I was fortunate enough to be elected the governor of the commonwealth of Virginia, I’d love to have him bring his expertise and background and his knowledge to work with me, so that we can continue to work together to create jobs in a very tough global economy.”

What’s going on here, for those just tuning in, is the Virginia GOP had the audacity to nominate a black man as the Lieutenant Governor nominee. He’s ivy league educated and a Baptist minister, which means he must be destroyed. And the Democrats will do their best to recycle old, failed talking points to do it.