Managing editor Rick Stengel announced some big changes for Time magazine on Monday: Michael Scherer will be the new Washington bureau chief, while Ben Goldberger is to become the national editor.

Stengel, prior to going to the White House, put Michael Scherer in Jay Carney’s old post as bureau chief. Scherer is a nice guy, but consider his pedigree. He started out at the far left, then went to the far left Mother Jones, and suddenly through the blessings and miracles of the Washington Press Corps wound up an objective reporter for Time.This is similar to Ezra Klein, the kid at the Washington Post who is heralded as some sort of expert for having never had a real job. He started out at the really liberal blog Pandagon, then headed over the quasi-communist American Prospect, and now parrots liberal talking points at the Wonk Blog at the Washington Post where he has recruited other liberal and far left writers formerly of the Nation, Salon, and American Prospect.He’s joined at the Washington Post by Greg Sargent who used to write at the liberal Talking Points Memo and now serves as the official mouthpiece for the Democratic National Committee, which, best anyone can figure, has its hand shoved all the way up Sargent’s rear and moves his mouth like a muppet.Over at ABC News we find George Stephanopolous, who used to work for Bill Clinton. He is now, like Michael Scherer, “objective.”My favorite, though, may be Andrew Rosenthal. Andrew Rosenthal used to be a reporter for the New York Times. On February 5, 1992, Rosenthal penned a front page article in the Times about George H. W. Bush looking at a supermarket checkout scanner at the National Grocers Association convention in Florida. In the article, Rosenthal wrote,

The look of wonder flickered across his face as he saw the item and price registered on the cash register screen.”This is for checking out?” asked Mr. Bush. “I just took a tour through the exhibits here,” he told the grocers later. “Amazed by some of the technology.”Marlin Fitzwater, the White House spokesman, assured reporters that he had seen the President in a grocery store. A year or so ago. In Kennebunkport.Some grocery stores began using electornic scanners as early as 1976, and the devices have been in general use in American supermarkets for a decade.

  1. Again, there are Republicans who have gone into the media as objective reporters and there are objective reporters who have gone into Republican politics. But it is several orders of magnitude more on the liberal side and even rarer to see a conservative activist/partisan journalist transition from a rightwing blog or publication to objective reporter or bureau chief for a major media outlet.