Right now you need to go to Ben Sasse’s website and give him every penny you can muster.

National Review has declared him the next big thing. He’s considered an intellectual heavyweight on healthcare. He is opposed to Obamacare and pledges to fight for its full repeal. He is a committed, pro-life conservative.

But because he is being supported by conservatives, including the Jim DeMint created Senate Conservatives Fund, the Republican Leaders in Washington, and their affiliated lobbyists, have begun helping his opponent.

Ben Sasse needs to get to Washington. He has the intellectual chops to publicly prosecute the case against Obamacare. He has the ability to publicly make the case for free market alternatives.

Folks, we need Ben Sasse in the Senate. We need to send reinforcements to the conservatives. Sasse has all the right people scared. But the Washington GOP leaders and lobbyists are lining up against him to show you that you can’t match them. They want to deprive you of this guy in Washington.

If we can’t get people like Ben Sasse elected, we will lose more than just elections. We will lose the public policy fights we should be winning.

Give every penny you can muster TODAY to Ben Sasse.