Wendy Davis cannot run from Battleground Texas now. The Fort Worth office of Battleground Texas and Wendy Davis’s Fort Worth campaign office are common ground with each other. They share resources. Wendy Davis, last week, claimed she out raised Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott by including fundraising totals from Battleground Texas in her numbers.

She and Battleground Texas are the same. And that is according to Wendy Davis’s own campaign. Project Veritas went undercover and found Wendy Davis supports and Battleground Texas coordinators ridiculing and mocking Attorney General Abbott for being in a wheel chair.

Just the other day, Wendy Davis herself encouraged it by claiming Greg Abbott had never walked a day in her shoes. Abbott has been in a wheelchair for about thirty years. Now her supporters, volunteers, and surrogates are doing it too — mocking a man in a wheelchair because he cannot stand up.