Starting today, I am writing about each of the candidates I recommend and personally support in the 2014 Republican primary cycle. You can find all these entries by going to the Target Races section under “Features” in the masthead, or by clicking here.— Erick

Barry Loudermilk is a candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. The incumbent, Phil Gingrey, is leaving his seat to run for the U.S. Senate.

Barry is running against some fine and decent people. But as I have said repeatedly, conservatives this time need to find some good disruptive candidates who will go to Washington and be willing to tell their own side no. I know that Barry will and I know that his opponents are less like to do so than him.

Barry Loudermilk represented the 14th District in the Georgia State Senate before leaving to run for Congress. He made his colleagues in the state legislature bristle some times with his refusal to go along to get along. He strongly supported lower taxes in the state of Georgia, he is strongly pro-life, and he is decidedly conservative. Barry served his country in the Air Force and he owns a small business in North Georgia. He knows first hand the burdens of Obamacare and government regulation on main street.

I do not want to speak ill of his opponents, but I must say one thing — one of Barry’s opponents is Bob Barr. Barr, a former congressman, left the congress after a defeat during redistricting in 2002. He then became the Libertarian nominee for President. He then used his platform to support Eric Holder’s bid for Attorney General in the Obama Administration. Barr then became a Republican again, called for Holder’s impeachment, and now is running as a Republican. Bob is a good man. But I (1) feel sorry for someone so desperate to get back into the Nexus and (2) think his support of Eric Holder is a disqualifying event.

In 2010, conservatives sent a wave of new congressmen to Washington carrying the “Tea Party” banner. Within two years of their election, more than seventy percent were voting in lock step with the same Republican Leaders who spent like drunken sailors and expanded government when they controlled Congress.

Barry Loudermilk is going to go to Washington and be a solid conservative and his record in the state legislature shows that among those running in Georgia’ 11th Congressional District, he’s most likely to stay steady and strong. I hope you will support him in 2014.