Matt Bevin ran a company, something Mitch McConnell has not done.

While running that company, Matt Bevin put his signature on a prospectus for his company in which the company touted the economic benefits that would be derived from TARP. Pretty much every financially oriented business in America did the same at the time. That’s what Mitch McConnell, George Bush, Hank Paulson, and virtually everyone in Washington was telling everybody.

Matt Bevin did not vote for TARP. He did not lobby for TARP.

Mitch McConnell not only voted for TARP, but he whipped up votes for it. McConnell called passing TARP one of the finest days in the Senate’s history.

Mitch McConnell and his supporters are now attacking Bevin for touting the positive economic benefits to his business from TARP. It is, they say, hypocrisy for him to beat up McConnell for voting for it.

I think we should get rid of federally subsidized student loans. I sure used them though. Under our existing system, I could not have afforded law school otherwise. Doesn’t mean I don’t think we could have a better system and less costly schools if we got rid of federally subsidized student loans. And if they’re around when my kids are ready for college, we may use them.

I want lower taxes. But I drive my kids on roads paid for with those taxes. Should that mean I should support higher taxes?

The arguments McConnell supporters are making against Bevin on this issue are the same arguments Democrats make against Republicans who want a roll back of the welfare state and a reduction in the size and scope of the federal government.

Is it any wonder these people are supporting a man who handed a blank check to Barack Obama?

I’m sticking with Matt Bevin. I want to save America. To do that, Washington must change. But Washington won’t change unless we change the leadership of the Republican Party.

Conservatives who claim to want to roll back the leviathan of Washington, but who continue to support Mitch McConnell, will not see the leviathan rolled back as long as Mitch McConnell remains the leader of the Senate GOP. A man who collaborates with Democrats to hand Barack Obama a blank check all while engaging in theater to avoid actually having to cast a vote to do so is not someone seriously interested in scaling back a leviathan he hopes to control.