In Rotherham, England, 1400 young girls were routinely raped over more than a decade while authorities turned a blind eye. Why did they turn a blind eye? The authorities were so concerned with multiculturalism they could not bring themselves to do anything about a systemic and widespread culture of rape gangs in the area.

The gangs were, if you read most press accounts, Pakistani men. In fact, there were Bangladeshi men, Afghani men, and others involved. But you will not find many references of the word “muslim” except in pieces warning about a possible backlash against the muslim community. This New York Times piece is a good example. The words “muslim” and “Islam” do not appear, just “[t]he victims identified in the report were all white, while the perpetrators were mostly of Pakistani heritage”.

Ironically, the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, said the monstrous crime went on so long because of “institutionalized political correctness.” People would not take action because they did not want to rock the multicultural boat. Anyone who dared do so would be labeled a racist. Even now, despite Theresa May’s statement, the press dares not use the “m” word.

We have not experienced such horrors in this country. I hope we will never. Bad things happen, but towns and cities being taken over by muslim rape gangs will hopefully not be one of those things. But the fears of “institutionalized political correctness” are real in the United States too at a different level.

The Huffington Post has hired Donte Stallworth as a “fellow”. He will cover national security. Mr. Stallworth, a former NFL player, is a 9/11 truther, believes a plane did not hit the Pentagon, believes Osama Bin Laden was not involved, and also is an anti-vaccine conspiracist who has bizarre theories on Mexicans and the H1N1 flu. Mr. Stallworth also killed a person.

He will now write for the Huffington Post.

I do not mean to compare his hire to the monstrous horrors of Rotherham, but the logic of political correctness running amuck leads to bizarre places.

Had Mr. Stallworth given money to Proposition 8 in California, been an advocate of traditional marriage, or suggested mankind’s involvement in climate change might be overstated, I have no doubt the Huffington Post would not have hired him.

But suggest conspiracies related to vaccines and 9/11 and he is golden. The paths of political correctness and conformity lead to terrible places in culture. Francis Schaeffer, the theologian, wrote a remarkable book called The God Who is There in 1968. In the book, Schaeffer posits that the United States lags Europe by about thirty years in cultural shifts and he predicted a thirty year or so lag in growing secularism and conformity in the United States.

We have already reached a point in this country where secular society will drive people from jobs based on their religious convictions and rejection of secularized-pseudoscientific bullying. We have a society where people can have wacko ideas, but so long as their values do not offend the ever more pervasive multicultural political correction of the age, they’re golden.

We see what is afoot in Europe. We see the disastrous consequences of shaming and silencing “the other” in Rotherham. And we see more secularized Americans shunning truth and embracing crazy town. Just how bad can we expect it to become?

Come Lord Jesus, quickly.