Freedom bore four children——the youngest daughter, Speech, is the wild child. She can be eloquent, sober and brilliant, lighting the way for geniuses though at other times, tripping down mere fools. She is boundless, n’er knowing what she will say, or how she will act.

The second child, Civility, teaches the family manners. She sets rules, but most times applauds her younger sister in most everything she does.  She is a well-regulated, constantly weighing her power and self-limiting her control.

The third child, Might, is quiet. She seems unappreciated and left to her lonesome in the happier times. No matter, she waits, closed-mouthed and patient until she is needed, for she knows her place. She’s slow to act and is the most disciplined of the three.

The eldest daughter Capitalism, is well schooled yet unforgiving. She wears the scars of experience and always seems to find her way. She weathers the storms of folly, deceit and crime, learns from them, and forges forward to provide for the rest of her family. She wields the ultimate freedom to her providers but most importantly to her purchasers… who will take to task those that foolishly misuse or abuse her baby sister.