I had a chance to attend Marco Rubio’s rally in Kennesaw, GA today. My family and I literally had front row seats. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather.

It was estimated the crowd size was around 7,000 to 8,000 people and that’s not off base. The bleachers were jam packed. Here is a photo:


During the rally, Rubio touched on familiar themes (it is a rally after all, not a policy seminar) such as his upbringing, what he believes is his ability to expand the base of the GOP beyond what people typically think it is.

He spoke about what he wanted to do with the economy, national security and other domestic policies.

He also took aim at Donald Trump a number of times. Rubio mentioned no other candidates and while he was serious at times, discussing the danger Donald Trump would be to not only the Republican Party but also the nation, he did have some laughs at Trump’s expense. Watch:

Rubio: He was actually pretty calm after I punched him around a little. He’s….I think he’s….

Man in audience: Learning how to spell!

Rubio: Well….I think…..Yes, he’s learning how to spell I guess.. (laughter)…But he’s flying around on Hair Force One. And tweeting. So here’s the one tweet he put out. He put a picture of makeup being put on me at the debate. Which is amazing to me….that the guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me, for putting on makeup! Donald Trump likes to sue people! He should sue whoever did that to his face.

Rubio is going on quite the tour. After he left Kennesaw he went up to Alabama. He is headed to Arkansas and then tomorrow will be in Virginia. He’ll be in Atlanta Monday afternoon before flying to Oklahoma that evening.

Tuesday is the big day. Going to be interesting to see what happens.