President Trump's Approval Rating Soars After Soleimani Airstrike


Here’s a development the progressive left would rather you didn’t know. Since President Trump ordered the airstrike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, his approval rating has increased significantly. While the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream press excoriated the White House for eliminating the general, it appears the American public doesn’t quite agree with their complaints.

When the news broke of the airstrike that killed Soleimani, who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of Iranian protesters last year, progressives rushed to his defense and criticized the President for approving the military action. Many pretended that he was somehow starting a third world war. They even went so far as to blame Trump when Iran shot down a Ukrainian aircraft, killing almost two hundred passengers. But apparently, Americans weren’t buying what the left was selling.

Real Clear Politics published a report showing that the President’s overall approval rating has risen over the past few weeks, but experienced a sharp increase after the airstrike. The Washington Examiner reported that “Trump notched a 45.3% approval mark, matching a local high recorded on Sept. 24, 2019, according to RealClearPolitics. His disapproval rating is down to 52.3% from a high of 58.1% on Dec. 16, 2017.”

The rise in the President’s approval rating jibes with another poll showing that the public largely approved of the airstrike. The Hill reported that 47% of Americans approved of the decision while 40% disapproved. To be fair, another poll conducted by USA Today and Ipsos indicated that a slight majority (55%) of Americans believed that America is “less safe” because of Soleimani’s killing.

The nation is still torn over the military action. Some approved of the strike but still believe that the United States should bring home the troops who remain in the region. Others seem to believe that Soleimani was a national hero who should not have been targeted.

Either way, aggression between the United States and Iran appears to have subsided for the time being. But this does not mean that Tehran seeks to go no further than their launching of missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq. Recent Iran-based cyberattacks on Texas are an indicator that the regime plans to use more subtle means of getting back at the U.S. The shooting may have ceased, but this conflict is far from over.


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