Apparently there wasn’t enough in the news cycle to write about today, so one outlet felt the need to tell Barron Trump it’s time to start dressing like Daddy’s mini-me when he’s in public. (As if that wouldn’t be extremely creepy.)

“I’ve been on the Barron Trump train from the start, but it’s about time the president’s son starts dressing the part.

“[W]hile the president and first lady traveled in their Sunday best, young Barron looked like he was hopping on Air Force One for a trip to the movie theater.”

The author took exception to Barron wearing “khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and suede loafers” for a trip aboard Air Force One, noting that his mother is a fashion icon and his father is always in a suit. Well, I’d hope that the President of the United States wears a suit unless he’s undertaking some sort of leisure activity. His mother is also essentially at work representing the country when she steps out in public.

President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump and son Barron Trump walk across the tarmac before boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport, Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, in Morristown, N.J., for the return flight to the Washington area. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

But Barron, when boarding Air Force One, is just an 11-year-old boy forced to do a paparazzi perp walk each time the family leaves for the weekend. His clothing choices aren’t sloppy, either. Unlike most boys his age, his t-shirt was tucked in, and his shorts and shoes are stylish. I’d be willing to bet that the ensemble “young Barron” is wearing cost more than many families’ entire back-to-school wardrobe budget.

Meh, that’s still not good enough for the out-of-touch, country club wing of the GOP:

“Think about how many times your parents forced you to dress up when you were a kid for a special occasion. No matter how hard you resisted, it was inevitable, you weren’t leaving the house until you had your tie tied, your shirt tucked in nice and neat with your hair combed, and a blazer on.

“That’s not how it goes for the president’s youngest child.”

Was the blazer set out by a manservant, ready and waiting after morning tea?

Obviously the Trump family can afford to have Barron suited in a fancy Italian number any time they want. In the majority of the country, though, many boys Barron’s age have never owned a tie and blazer. If they need one for an occasion like a middle school graduation or a cousin’s wedding, it’s a special expense. This is not a universal experience to which the average 11-year-old can relate.

But back to Barron. The boy’s entire life is under a microscope and you’re gonna pick on him for not wearing a blazer and tie? Just stop.

I’m sure I’ll be accused of “Whataboutism,” but Sasha and Malia Obama weren’t dressed to the nines when they rode Air Force One. Some conservative outlets might have made a stink of it, but I don’t recall ever giving it a second thought. And you’d absolutely never hear of anything critical of the girls from the mainstream media (since half their DNA is from the Chosen One).

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As Andrea wrote back in January,  Barron’s “a little kid who should be left alone.”

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