Over the past few years, Gov. Jerry Brown has been the only backstop against complete and utter insanity in California legislation. (So for those of you wondering if they could possibly enact worse laws, the answer is yes. They’ve tried.) A sign of disapproval from Brown can be enough to coerce Democrats to amend a bill, and California gun owners caught a rare break Friday when Brown’s concerns about a gun control bill led to key provisions being gutted in a committee hearing.

Sen. Anthony Portantino’s bill proposed to extend the state’s 1-in-30 days handgun purchase rule to long guns, and Brown allegedly was concerned about how this would affect the state’s hunters. The bill also contains provisions outlining safe storage of firearms for law enforcement, and this is the only portion which will head to the Assembly floor.

Gun rights groups in the state, including Firearms Policy Coalition, fought the 1-in-30 provision vigorously, calling it a “rationing of civil rights.” Craig DeLuz, FPC’s spokesman, commented, “We are grateful to the legislators and their staff, as well as all those in the gun rights community who stood with us to defend against the rationing of a fundamental right. The Second Amendment is not a second-class right and California’s law-abiding residents are not second-class people.”