The Congressional Budget Office has released its numbers for the first two months of the 2016 fiscal year and… well, it’s less than ideal. The government spent more in October and November of 2015 than it did in October and November of 2014 – when the Democrats still had control of the Senate. There really aren’t many excuses you can make that really mean anything, either. Congress has the power of the purse, and should have been using it this whole time. More from CNS News:

The increase in federal spending in the first two months of fiscal 2016 was largely driven by increased expenditures on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The increase in taxation was driven by increases in individual income tax and payroll tax payments.

“The federal budget deficit was $200 billion for the first two months of fiscal year 2016, the Congressional Budget Office estimates,” said the report. “That deficit was $22 billion larger than the one recorded during the same period last year. Revenues and outlays were both higher than last year’s amounts, by 3 percent and 6 percent, respectively.”

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