It sure seems that way. Christie is reportedly heading home to New Jersey to re-evaluate his candidacy. He was very clearly a dog backed into a corner in the New Hampshire debate, and he attacked who he saw as the biggest threat on the way to being the “Establishment” candidate – Marco Rubio. However, the strategy did not work, and Christie is (as of this post) about three points behind Rubio for sixth place.

Most of the Republicans in the Iowa caucus (75.7%) and most of the Republicans in New Hamshire (roughly 66% as of this post) don’t want Donald Trump to be the nominee. So, why did Christie hit Rubio? Out of spite for taking his opportunity to be the GOP big money’s favorite? If the intent was to make the country better, then Donald Trump should be the clear guy to knock out of contention. Instead, Christie hit someone he otherwise likes – he said so himself* during the debate – and bragged about it on the way out the door.

Christie had no chance to win. He never had a chance in such a crowded field. Spite and bitterness were the only reasons he did what he did. The man who became beloved in the GOP because of his ferocity in rhetoric goes out by using that ferocity on his own allies.


Fusion GPS Takes the Fifth


*I’m not so foolish as to think that saying during a debate that you like someone is code for anything other than you really hate that person.