You can take any speech given by Donald Trump – assuming you can understand the order of words which are coming out of his mouth, which is a Herculean task in and of itself – and replace the text of the speech with the lyrics to the phenomenal “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour without losing anything.

Because that’s all that Donald Trump’s campaign is at this point. He has stated that “The Wall” is just a talking point he falls back on when he feels he’s losing the crowd. He’s repeated the Democratic talking point that Planned Parenthood provides great services, and has said he would not pull federal funding of the abortion provider. He is a deal maker and negotiator, which is inherently not bad, but he is almost guaranteed to drift to the middle very quickly, disappointing the xenophobic masses that have rallied to him.

There is nothing of substance to his speeches, his policies (insomuch as they even exist), and there is nothing that can be called conservative in any meaningful sense. But, here he is, with evangelicals steadfastly holding on to him. Conservatives love to listen to him talk without him even saying anything that is even remotely possible. The only assumption one can make is that the character of Donald Trump is what they are drawn to.

“He’s not a politician!” many will inevitably cry out, but this is just wrong. He is playing the crowds with each and every talking point he uses. He is going back to the birther well, this time on Rubio. He is shouting about China this and China that, building a wall, throwing out illegals, and getting huge responses each time. He sees this stuff playing well, and he keeps at it.

“He’s not beholden to any special interests!” they’ll say next, completely ignoring the fact that Donald Trump IS special interests. How many deals has he made with government bodies and used/abused eminent domain in order to further his own personal fortune? He is the definition of someone who uses government for his own ends. How can you say he wouldn’t allow that in his own administration?

He can say “I exploit you, yet you love me.” He can tell you one and one makes three. They give him fortune, they give him fame. The Jerry Falwells of the right give him power in their God’s name. The bottom line is, Donald Trump is a cult of personality.