President Donald Trump is seeing his agenda stall out in Congress, and it is painfully obvious which chamber is being too sluggish for his taste.

The Senate, under the leadership of Mitch McConnell, has blundered its way through failed initiatives thanks in part to McConnell’s failure to rally the caucus. As a result, nothing can get accomplished, and it’s starting to irritate the President.

Set aside for a moment whether or not you like or dislike Trump, McConnell, or both. Let’s look at the implications of what it is Trump has done and is doing in signaling that he is displeased with the Senate in general, and McConnell in particular.

Yesterday, as we covered, Trump tweeted out to McConnell that it was time to do health care, tax reform, and tax cuts. That tweet came after McConnell said the President’s legislative expectations were too high.

Today, Trump noticed and retweeted a post from Fox and Friends that appears to be nothing short of a warning to the Senate:

This is no mere retweet. Trump has said time and again that his Twitter account is the main channel of communication between him and the general public. Retweeting this particular post was a clear message: “I’m warning you. Get it done.”

Perhaps understandably, Trump is frustrated. He is learning how hard it is to keep a campaign promise. He is learning how hard it is to work with the Republican establishment. He is learning how deeply entrenched the swamp actually is.

But, none of this was an unknown quantity. We here at RedState, time and again, noted the struggles Trump would face. We knew that him talking up the very Establishment he was railing against in the primary would not mean instant success. We knew Mitch McConnell had no actual interest in most of Trump’s stated agenda.

The problem here is that it’s very difficult to tell if Trump is bluffing or not. He endorsed McConnell’s preferred candidate for the Alabama Senate race, rather than one of two more conservative candidates. This straight-up siding with the Establishment instead of pushing someone as conservative as Trump says he himself is makes it hard to guess whether or not Trump will actually stand up to and actively fight McConnell in the near future.

I’ll be honest, though. This is a fight I want Trump to have… and I want him to win. The Senate does not need McConnell, who’s gotten ringing endorsements from… Orrin Hatch and John Cornyn. Not exactly stellar, conservative support, is it?