The pro-abort Left’s frustration is mounting as more states battle against Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry as a whole. The ongoing fight to protect the unborn has moved from the U.S Congress, where nothing has been achieved, to individual states with pro-life governors and legislatures.

The New York Times editorial board even published their own complaint Monday morning in the wake of this continued “assault”, as they call it.

All these fights, of course, circle back to the decades-long crusade by conservative lawmakers to end women’s access to safe and legal abortion — and increasingly, to reduce their access to contraception.

Congress may not have succeeded in hobbling Planned Parenthood, but as these state attacks gain momentum, the result is reduced access to essential health care for millions of American women.

Of course, the idea that millions of women have reduced contraception access is a scare tactic designed to trick the uninformed into believing that women don’t have healthcare access elsewhere. In fact, most women go elsewhere for healthcare.

While the U.S. Congress is made up of too many spineless individuals who would rather drag their feet on the subject, we have many governors who have recently looked into PP funding (like Bobby Jindal), or who have signed legislation cutting or reducing funding to Planned Parenthood (like Scott Walker, John Kasich, and Matt Bevin). Governor Mike Pence of Indiana even recently signed new abortion restrictions prohibiting “abortions that are based only on the unborn child’s sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, or disability, including Down syndrome.” This all points to an unfortunate fact: The war for and against the unborn is waged in states and among small communities across the nation – not in D.C.

 This is why elections are so important.

 We see how the makeup of the Supreme Court has shifted with pro-life Justice Scalia’s death. This further highlights that the elected official we support as president must remain fierce and unwavering on the issue of life. There can be no gray areas, no “but Planned Parenthood does some good!” compromise.

To continue this blessed assault upon the merchants of death, there must be no question as to which side we’re on. While states have taken up the torch in defense of life, those on the national stage who claim conservatism must also do so.