As a free-market, pro-school choice, conservative Republican, Senator Tim Scott is used to being the scorn of the left. He’s always handled the vicious personal attacks and shockingly racist insults with grace and class. Scott seems to be well liked and well regarded on Capitol Hill, and he should be.

That doesn’t mean he’s a pushover.

HuffPo writer Andy Ostroy decided to rudely but unsurprisingly label Scott as a token and a puppet after watching the GOP White House celebration of the historic tax cuts passed on Wednesday.

It’s just so funny how white liberals always feel compelled to save us poor, dumb black folk from the white GOP overlords. The underlying belief is that we are just too stupid to know when we’re being used, and we certainly don’t have any reasons of our own for not being default Democrats.

The Senator from South Carolina was having none of it. He pointed out Ostroy’s own bigotry in typical Scott fashion – razor sharp gentility.

Yo, Ostroy…Tim Scott is not here for your white savior complex.

Don’t come for him unless he sends for you.