First lady Melania Trump arrives at the White House, in Washington, Thursday, June 21, 2018, after visiting the Upbring New Hope Children Center run by the Lutheran Social Services of the South in McAllen, Texas. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Another day another Trump outrage.

Yesterday was the day of the “jacket seen round the world”. Melania Trump was captured boarding a flight wearing a green jacket emblazoned with the words, “I really don’t care. Do U?” on the back. Immediately the internet catapulted itself to Ivanka-Trump-Posting-Tone-Deaf-Pictures-With-Her-Children levels of outrage.

First lady Melania Trump walks to her vehicle as she arrives at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Thursday, June 21, 2018, after visiting the Upbring New Hope Children Center run by the Lutheran Social Services of the South in McAllen, Texas. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Mrs. Trump was on her way to visit a holding center for illegal immigrant children in Texas. Was she seriously that tone deaf? Or that cruel? Or both? HOW DARE SHE????!!11111!!!

I didn’t exactly believe it was “nothing”, as Mrs.Trump’s spokesperson tried to tell us.

The First Lady is not the most vocal woman to occupy that post. She’s an introvert and typically very quiet. However, she’s developed a reputation for speaking with her fashion choices. Remember her “pussy-bow” blouse she wore to one of her husband’s debates with Hillary Clinton? It was an understated wardrobe choice that spoke loudly.

It was certainly no accident that she wore that jacket with that message. Mrs. Trump is quiet, not stupid. My original suspicion was that it was a jab at the media – a favorite passtime of the Trump family. That suspicion was confirmed by the President later that day, but it didn’t alleviate my concern that indeed the jacket was a bit tone deaf. It certainly didn’t feel like good timing.

However, that’s as far as I could manage to extend my concern. I tried to feel outrage. I watched as many of my conservative colleagues chastised other conservatives for their hypocrisy. The general sentiment seemed to be:

“If Michelle Obama had worn a jacket like this at any time during her husband’s presidency conservatives would have freaked out!”

And you know what? Those people aren’t wrong. I’m quite sure I would have been incensed had I seen such a thing on Mrs. Obama…or Mrs. Clinton. I most certainly think it’s hypocritical of me to no care about Mrs. Trump’s jacket, and to be making fun of people and their hysterical, self-righteous indignation. I get that.

But still…I don’t care. So here I am asking myself why I don’t care. I do pride myself on being intellectually honest. I do understand that I have certain biases that – for all my efforts – still manifest themselves in my expressions. I do know that it’s not fair for me to feel this way and I want to be better than that. I want to be “smarter” than that.

But I can’t do it. The reason is two-fold, but resides under the same umbrella. I’m all out of outrage.

On the one hand, I’m out of my own outrage. I spent eight years railing against the Obama administration. His presidency is the entire reason I ever got into the blogging game in the first place. I was an outraged mother, screaming desperately into the wind about my increasing cost of living versus the decreasing opportunity for black Americans under our first black President. I was outraged at their elitist spending, the way they looked down their noses at people who didn’t look like them, think like them, worship like them or earn like them. Mostly, I was outraged at how the media refused to exhibit even a modicum of curiosity when it came the Obamas. They simply projected onto Mr. Obama their own (frankly, racist) hopes and wishes about what a “magic Negro” in the White House would be like. They ignored every scandal, every lie, and worse – they made up lies about the people who rejected his worldview. Those people were cruelly and coldly labeled racists or -if they were minorities like me – sellouts…self-hating blacks who just yearn for acceptance from our white overlords.

It was indeed outrageous and I used every platform I could to call out the terrible administration and advocate for the people being left behind.

And what did it net? Nothing. The Tea Party – like most “viral” political movements – devolved into competing, partisan money-making operations. Barack Obama served his full two terms. He jammed Obamacare through Congress with nary a Republican vote. He gave away billions of dollars to American enemies…basically he did whatever he wanted. All my screaming and yelling did nothing but gain me some followers on Twitter. Life was every bit as frustrating when he took office as it was when he left. As we rolled into the new election cycle I told myself I would never again waste so much useless rage, no matter who we elected.

On the other hand, I’m exhausted by the never ending cycle of outrage coming from the mainstream media and far-left wing entities…and frankly from some on the conservative side as well. While I was genuinely irked when Trump won the primaries, I had previously made the decision to accept the will of the voters. Instead of trashing Trump voters, I sought to understand them. What I wasn’t prepared to do was to spend another eight years in a perpetual state of outrage. I’ve had enough. It makes not a bit of difference to anything.

So yes, I understand that failing to be upset by the First Lady’s untimely message looks hypocritical…and no, I still am not able to muster up enough outrage to join the virtue signaling Twitter mob. After eight years of the media ignoring, subverting and downright insulting every legitimate concern I shared with my fellow non-Democrat Americans I am plum out of anger. I’m all out of hysteria. My wellspring of “whataboutism” is all dried up.

I just don’t care about Melania’s jacket.